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"Police said they do not know if the autopilot feature was engaged."
Do you actually read the articles?
Question Author
yes, it's the same thing as the "we cannot assume islamic terrorists" decree that we always get on terrorists threads, see yesterday. Pound to a penny it was on auto pilot.
If the auto-pilot was on, I would expect the injurred driver to blame it to police, ambulance or fire service who attended the crash. If the police don’t know, we must assume the driver didn’t tell them.
Autonomous vehicles do have accidents. They do not claim to totally crash free. But from the data so far, Autonomous vehicles are 4 times less likely to crash than a normal car.
Maybe we should also post reports of every accident where a driver of a non-autonomous car was in charge and then ask when these vehicles with drivers are going to be banned
From the Tesla website:
In its current form, Autopilot is an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that classifies as a Level 2 automated system by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). It is designed as a hands-on experience to give drivers more confidence behind the wheel, increase their safety on the road, and make highway driving more enjoyable by reducing the driver’s workload.

It would seem to be the Darwin Award candidates behind the wheel who are treating it as a fully automatic system who are at fault.
It goes on to say:
As Autopilot technology continues to be developed, more advanced functionality will be made available to Tesla owners over time nearing full self-driving capabilities; however, until truly driverless cars are developed and approved by regulators, the driver is responsible for and must remain in control of their car at all times.
Question Author
so what we have here is Winnebago syndrome. Perhaps these cars should have the "auto pilot" disabled to stop Darwin candidates believing they don't have to control the vehicle. Until they get an actual autonomous vehicle to work, if ever.
Yep, looks like it Tora.
Question Author
I need a lie down!
You need to stop posting digs at automated cars which their manufacturers clearly state, aren’t.
Question Author
why? I think it's very dangerous to have imbeciles driving about in what they think is autonomous. Better to disable all of those features until they get it working properly, ie never.
Why? Because your premise that Tesla (and any other car with driving aids) is at fault, is incorrect.

By all means start having a go at the drivers of said vehicles, but not the manufacturers who clearly state the DO NOT have Autopilot. Yet.
Question Author
"By all means start having a go at the drivers of said vehicles" - I think I did that at 15:51 and 08:49.
You did. But all your OPs on this subject have a go at the manufacturer rather than the driver. I was hoping the excerpts from Tesla’s website might persuade you to do differently, moving forward.
Question Author
The manufacturer must take some of the blame, they introduce these semi autonomous facilities without any though for what kind of imbecile will end up mis using them.
Tesla get round this by means of a disclaimer which appears before selecting the driver assisting functions, just like the one which appears on a lot of sat navs.
Question Author
fair enough, how's that working out?
It’s protecting Tesla at the moment. But I believe there are efforts to show that they are partly to blame.
Question Author
at least 4 major crashes, one dead, one moron arrested in the passenger seat. No matter what it says in the owners manual this is dangerous because there are morons out there who think it means it's autonomous. In my opinion these features should be banned until they are actually autonomous.
I don’t believe there is any data on how many lives such aids have saved when used properly. Without this we’re all just speculating that such devices are bad thing.

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Oops Another Howler From Tesla Red Lights Too Tricky For Autopilot It Seems!

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