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Further Evidence Of The Uk Heading To A Totalitarian State?

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youngmafbog | 15:01 Sun 13th May 2018 | News
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So now we have the Barclays tax. Why?

Firstly do they really think the kids wont crack the algorithm or it to be leaked and put online?

Secondly this smacks of tracking your every move, no doubt soon to be followed by prose3cutions over something Plod deems offensive that you mistakenly watched.

Thirdly why £10. Should be a £1.00 tops if you really must have it.

Lastly we are continually told the Government cannot stop Islamic extremist propaganda, Gang pages and far left and right propaganda. So how can they do this then?


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I thought most these porn sites were based abroad anyway, how are they going to force them to check age etc?
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// how are they going to force them to check age //

Sites that do not comply will be blocked.

Moral crusades by Governments have a nasty habit of backfiring.
I don’t see how buying an anonymous pass is in any way heading towards a totalitarian state.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that, if I’m not being swayed by programmes like Spooks, then the number of times ‘dodgy’ things are mentioned on this website has surely alerted M15s attention to this portal of discussion?
Zac, as I read your post my first thought was - which one of us ABers is the govt spy?

This web site is a govt spy tool! :o)
Ahhhhhhhhhh, posts aren't deleted but archived. :-)
These new laws won't stop anyone viewing pornography. They might reduce it being viewed online, but I suspect we will see the re-emergence of the porno DVD and magazines.
In real Totalitarian States like Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia, they have banned porn sites by blocking them. That has not stopped sites being viewed, people just use a VPN in another country. As they will in this country.
Though laudible that they are trying to prevent young children accessing such material, the measures are deeply flawed and put all users in danger.
I love the way the DM focuses on the porn aspect and not, say, buying alcohol online.
Gawd help us if anyone on here is MI5 material! Kromo maybe? ;-)

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Further Evidence Of The Uk Heading To A Totalitarian State?

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