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Today is not a good day for Mikey,
Question Author
No, it isn't, danny.
Maybe we can entice him out with news of a very quaffable* red from Lidl coming this weekend.

*Not my favourite phrase but some seem to think it's required when chuntering on about cheap bevvy. :-)
Today is not a good day for Mikey

It won't bother mikey, his set of blinkers are superb ... on par with Arsen Wenger's I would say.
What I like about Mikey is that he is not sarcastic and does not take the wee like the Con men and women do on here.
And his ability to 'go dark', Gulliver?
I often disagree with Mikey. We're as poles apart politically as two people can get and the only thing we seem to agree on is Lidl's Cava and steam trains. But our disputes are never ill-tempered or rude. I'm probably just as guilty of being "blinkered" as anybody else with firmly held beliefs. In his defence I believe he works quite a bit and so is "dark" from time to time.
Good. Hopefully something from this will come that will restrain them.
Mikey and Labour don't need to worry

Nothing significant ever comes out if these investigations.
//Nothing significant ever comes out if these investigations.//
The last investigation by the Electoral Commission resulted in the Tory party being fined £70,000
Did they reverse the result or order a new election? No.
I think the Labour Party might think a heavy fine significant.
I bet Momentum would be happy with a small slap on the wrist, considering their advanced in the last few years.
... advanceS ...
Question Author
Gulliver, selective reading again?
Does rather look like an admin error rather than some direct fraud.

There are plenty of things Momentum should be investigated for but I'm not sure this is really one to spend much time on.
//What I like about Mikey is that he is not sarcastic and does not take the wee//

Really, is this the same Mickey I know?

I've lost count of the things I have been called by him over the years. Knuckle dragging does seem to have drifted on though :-)
Think Al Capone and tax evasion, ymb.

Unfortunately I fear Hopkirk is right. I do wish Momentum would get their wings clipped by someone because they are increasingly (and bizarrely) taking credit for Labour's new seat wins in the last election and not getting challenged nearly enough for it. I would not like to enter the next election with Momentum feeling they have "leverage" of some kind with the Labour leadership.
//Think Al Capone and tax evasion, ymb. //

That did cross my mind initially, but reading the article a bit more carefully it does seem to be more of a minor infringement rather than direct fraud (or evasion as Mr Capone did). As I wrote above.
There aren’t any specific allegations accusing Momentum, so it is hard to judge if they have been cheating on a large scale or not. They seem to be admitting some minor clerical errors in not declaing some spending over £200. But that still does not indicate an overspend. I doubt much will come of this, but we will have to wait for the conclusion of the investigation.

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Momentum Under Investigation By Electoral Commission

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