Bath Spa University Chief Paid £800,000 In Final Year

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mikey4444 | 08:19 Thu 07th Dec 2017 | News
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"A spokeswoman for the university said the sum "was considered to represent value for money".

Ye Gods.....if this huge sum of money really does represents value for money, what on earth would represented as bad value for money ?

An image with pigs and troughs comes immediately to mind!


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And once again I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with you Mickey.
Question Author
YMB...makes a pleasant change !

How many other Universities are paying their Staff such huge amounts of dosh ?

Can someone do the maths on this for me many Lecturers could you get for £800,000 ?

Perhaps even more to the point is How many students put into deep debt did it take to pay this?
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YMB......Presumably 10,000's !
Sometimes I think I did ok for myself as I saved for my old age; then I note the sums some just get handed and wonder why anyone bothers.

Different groups seem to live in different worlds; some value money knowing what a lack of it means, others see it as such low value it takes a vast fortune to be considered adequate and just (for them and their contact group that is).
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The Committee that awarded this greedy such a huge salary needs sacking.

(and I wonder how much they are paid !)
Yes it's shocking etc., blah blah, but remember that this is just capitalism rampant. Selfishness, self-interest, grab all you can and sod the next bloke, etc. So why all the complaints from you supporters of the right-wing?
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YMB can answer for himself but this isn't "capitalism"....its plain old greed and irresponsibility.

When our Universities are struggling and the students are struggling even more., this outright greed is unacceptable.
Mikey. If capitalism isn't (in your words) purely "plain old greed and irresponsibility", I don't know what is.

Analyse the diametrically opposed attitudes of those of the left and right, see how self-interest and greed purvey the right, while caring for others and sharing things typify the left.

For another prime example of rampant capitalism, just look at the barrow-boys in the City of London, and tell me what they contribute to society.

ymb- just out of curiosity - why do you frequently refer to mikey , as Mickey ?
Perhaps even more to the point is How many students put into deep debt did it take to pay this?
mikey4444 Presumably 10,000's !
Based on stdudent fees of £27000 for a 3 year course I reckon it's closer to 30. If you use just one year's fees of £9000 I make it 90.
The whole thing seems wrong to me- unless it was a contractual obligation (even then the contract writers need to find a new job)

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Bath Spa University Chief Paid £800,000 In Final Year

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