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about time someone said what everyone thinks !
^Agreed - although I don't think everyone thinks it.
A bit extreme.Just stopping them returning to the UK would suffice.
well most folks.. Danny they are going over there with the sole aim of killing and maiming inter alios their "ain " folk !
Minty, they are not fighting against us they are fighting against other Asians.
but British citizens are still victims...
They are when acts of terrorism occur in the UK.
What a breath of fresh air this man is. They were talking about bringing them back, giving them council houses and benefits a couple of weeks ago. We want to keep people who are potential terrorists OUT of the country!!! At last a minister who is realistic.
what about the beheading of innocent Brits / jornos/ charity workers all posted with pride on the internet ? ...Jihadi John was a butcher...
Fair enough Minty, and if there is any allegation of such atrocities being committed by the British jihadis then they should be executed.I just don't think that a blanket elimination policy is the way to go. I do agree that they should never be allowed back in the UK
they take that leap..they pay the price..IMO !
Leaving them free to roam anywhere is not in the world’s best interests.
don't know about future PM, but he has said something that a lot of people feel strongly about, good for him.
This is the sort of pandering to right-wing Middle Englnders that people like Katie Hopkins, Sarah Vine and Richard Littlejohn make a career out of.

The difference is, they are newspaper / radio station trumpets who can be dismissed for the professional wind-up merchants that they are.

It is entirely something else for a government minister to start talking like someone from an Andy McNabb novel.

If Mr Williamson wants to espouse those views across his dinner table to his Hampstead cronies, then fine, but to espouse them as though they are government policy is wreckless and arrogant.

The Jihadists already like to believe that the West is full of Muslim-hating gun-toting hate-spewing racists, it's what inspires them to behave as they do.

For a government minister to espouse similar views, and thus enforce the Jihadists' sense of justification for their murders is simply unacceptable.

If Mr Williamson wants to remain in a position where is opinions are voiced, he would do well to think carefully about what he says and how and where he says it.

Mr Williamson is not an ignorant pub bore holding forth in the public bar, so he should stop behaving like one.

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At Last A Polician Who Is Listening To The Public.

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