It's Raw Flour Now !!

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youngmafbog | 08:24 Thu 07th Dec 2017 | News
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But dont worry eggs are ok.

How much do these people get paid because whatever it is the amount is far too much.


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good grief !
If it led to an outbreak then it led to an outbreak. Life is full of risk. Lick the bowl if you wish. I shall continue to pull the flush.
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Only after a number 2 I hope OG, remember the water is precious.

if asked to comment, of course they aren't going to say "oh yes go ahead its perfectly safe" when they know it isn't.....I mean what do you expect?
Just remember that this is a Daily Wail story so it has been intentionally worded so as to maximise impact and outrage.
pass me that bowl !
I lived in Zambia for 3 years, when we could actually find flour in the shops you had to put the bag in the deep freeze for 2 days before you opened it. This was to kill the weevils so that you could sive them out without them running away.
At one time we went 3 months without any flour, butter or cooking oil/fat in the shops. Yet we survived.
Eddie, it is not only a Mail story.
Yes but just read the Wail's version of it and contrast it to the more measured tone of the BBC . That is my entire point, that the Wail intentionally dramatizes every story , in this case by publishing a photo of a small child eating raw cake mix.
Apart from the pictures Eddie, I can't see a lot of difference between the two articles, Both are quoting from the same source.
As a side line I found a way out of the Zambia flour shortage. I went to the flour mill and discovered that there was no shortage of flour , they just did not have any bags to pack it in. I bought a 75 Kilo hessian sack of flour and set up a sale stall in the bar of my local social club. I sold it all at a large profit and got loads of free drinks. I just told people to bring their own containers so that I could weigh the flour into them.
Later I did the same for cooking oil, again I found there was no shortage of oil only of bottles to pack it in. I bought a 50 gallon barrel of oil and sold it from the bar,people just bought their own empty bottles for me to fill. More profit and more free drinks.
very enterprising !
Yes those 3 years in Zambia were the best of my life. You had to be a bit resourceful though. I saw Victoria Falls and went on a Walking Safari in a game park.
Yet another childhood treat under threat! I shall ignore it.

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It's Raw Flour Now !!

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