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if you want to, dannyk, yes.

If you don't want to, that doesn't mean others have to feel the same about it as you do.
jno, there was nothing malicious in this, it was taken as a bit of fun.
offenders always say it was just a bit of fun, just banter, they meant no harm. The problem comes when their victims see it otherwise. It's especially the case when the offenders are in positions of power, so the victims are unable to protest.
Another male poster asked recently about their experiences during early days working in the mill - should they seek help and would they be believed.

They were told if they needed counselling or similar they could seek it and why wouldn't they be believed?

they then replied - I have no intention of seeking help.

Re Aled, he has acknowledged his behaviour was juvenile, hope that suffices - but without full knowledge of what happened it's hard to know.
I wouldn't call it harassment if nobody is bothered by it.
It's all a matter of how the 'victim' takes it.
if nobody's bothered by it, they won't complain, so no problem.
Tablet corrected me again. I really should check before I post! I said he groped me!
I was always a bit suspicious about Mariah Carey being the secret love child of the Archbishop George Carey.
There's help out there Togo, never too late.
Roopower, here's the thing I believe you when you say you were groped, when it happened is irrelevant to me. So unlike some " victims" give their experiences some people immediately don't believe them .
I have a couple of foolproof rules that prevent me from getting caught up in this Continuous Sexual Harassment Witch Hunt.

1, never become famous.
2, never send inappropriate messages to female colleagues
You don't have to be famous, Talbot, to be accused.
You do to make the papers.
Mr Jones may not be 'caught up' - which infers that he is innocent of the claims made. He may well be, but until proven either way, there is no evidence that he is 'caught up' in anything.

Similarly, there is no evidence that this is a 'witch hunt', a term which will only be true if multiple people have been wrongly accused, and that also remains to be seen.
very sad, but I did raise a smile on seeing The sun's headline about him being axed by the BBC: Walking Off The Air
Given what is currently occurring I often look about the works rest room as the behaviour often reverts to a stream of double entendres and not-so-subtle innuendo and have concluded that the majority of us(both male and female) have committed more than enough offences to warrant dismissal......and several times over at that!

Jeezus Aitch Kerrist.
I have submitted my form. I'm looking forward to my luxury, five-star break!
Oops, sorry.
Have no idea of the rights or wrongs of this accusation. My question is - why wait for 10 years to say anything?

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Aled Jones Is Caught Up In The Continuous Sexual Harassment Witch Hunt.

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