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It's all good fun AOG, just sit back and enjoy it........Lesbians v Transgenders, even after Apartheid, blacks took on blacks.
It seems as though, one needs to fight someone in our modern society.
I understand her point of view, but reality needs to take the requirements of all groups and balance them out. Some views seem irreconcilable.
It's fun when they turn on each other, isn't it?

Other former Heroes of the Revolution who've been reclassified as Enemies of the State are Peter Tatchell and Germaine Greer.

Must be quite hard keeping up with the current orthodoxy; it can change very quickly and with hardly any notice.
Question Author

Can I add another name to your list V-E?

Trevor Phillips
Which point AOG?
Question Author
Mind you, I don't wish to appear rude but..........

Our Linda would be able to walk in any Gent's loo unnoticed.
Ah, our Trev, eh?

Yes, got it: he recanted on multiculturalism, didn't he. (Though not before having made a fortune out of promoting it).

"Late you come, but still you come, Trevor."
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Please try and keep up old chap, the point being, should transgenders be able to enter the Ladies loos.

/// She was speaking amid growing concern among feminist activists that a proposed new amendment to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) will endanger women’s safety in cloakrooms and changing rooms by making them easily open to people born male. ///
they've got some right bigots in that Labour party haven't they!
She has an opinion that many agree with, and many disagree with.

The problem is, as reported it sounded like she is advocating violence against transgendered women using female restrooms.

She went on to explain that she would only use violence as a self defence mechanism and only on activists who oppose her views.

That was not clear at the time.

Therefore, I think she has a point, but I disagree with her.
I see that AB has finally come across the "TERF wars".

she was referring to pro-transgender campaigners who had beaten up a woman at a rally in Hyde Park, London

whose side would you have been on had you been in Hyde Park, London?
Surely any of us ,if accosted in a changing room or wherever was accosted by anyone - we may lash out.

So, she's not really saying anything unusual.
Ignore extra words
I once went to a rally where LB was speaking from a stage. Her speech was not universally accepted and she was getting quite a bit of barracking...
Tired of being interrupted she jumped down from her platform and belted the heckler.
She definitely threw the first punch that day...

That's what she said after the event.

During the speech, she was talking about transgendered women using female toilets, so it was natural for the audience to assume she was talking about lamping one of them - not an activist at a rally.
oh dear.......
Heads in a spin all round, feminist, lesbian, black and forthright.

Lots of tippytoes involved in this story. :-)
eggshells I would say, or is that politically incorrect as there are no black hens' eggs that I know of, other than a 100 year old Chinese egg (served at banquets) and they are disgusting?

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