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Still broadcasting on Classic FM.
Completely and utterly ridiculous. Still, cash for someone in the end.
When this sort of thing is claimed, it makes one wonder what the inappropriate messages were.

It wasn't just messages.
//It wasn't just messages.//

Right, we've got the verdict, just awaiting the sentence.

The stench of piety...ugh!

Inappropriate behaviour . !!!
Another odious little tricoteuse.
To avoid confusion my last post a 10:28 reference.

Only reporting what Jones' spokesperson has confirmed.
In which case I apologise, SP.
Well , it will all come out in the wash eventually .
It's a shame the chap who helped me in 1969 is dead.........wonder if his estate had any money?
R, no, I think someone helping you is a different scenario .
My Mother will be spinning in her grave.
oh dear, i rather like him..
still innocent until proven guilty..
Inappropriate behaviour, inappropriate messages,10 years ago -jesus wept have some of you never lived in the real world?
At this rate every single teen will be in big trouble one day.
WHAT IS going on ? I Don't Believe it
Prudie, what teens do among themselves isn't necessarily inappropriate. But Aled Jones seems to have been in his mid-30s when the alleged incidents occurred.

One person's "juvenile" is another person's "harassment". Perhaps people in their 30s need to be a little less juvenile in future?
Many years ago when I worked in a woollen mill all apprentices were subject to the mill girls(women) oiling their nether regions.Should I now be looking for some compensation,

1 to 20 of 45rss feed

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Aled Jones Is Caught Up In The Continuous Sexual Harassment Witch Hunt.

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