Call This A Free Country?

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anotheoldgit | 12:08 Thu 12th Oct 2017 | News
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What next the burning of certain books out of their library, to take place in their market place?


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She has previous for selling Nazi memorabilia!! Seems like she goes out of her way to cause offense!
She was asked to removed them from sale after a complaint when she refused the council took firm action!
More to this than just a few mugs it would seem ?
Yes I smell a back story too!
Question Author

The Nazi memorabilia were books illustrating Nazi uniforms and insignia, widely available anywhere.

Very useful to persons taking part in WW2 re-enactments events.

Bur apart from that she removed the books at the time she was told.

These mugs she sold at a later date, why should be stopped from selling them, they are not illegal?
A more fulsome explanation of the decision to ban her is contained in the body of the article.

She has rules to abide by .......and didn't.
Question Author
/// More to this than just a few mugs it would seem ? ///

Yes the usual excuse when a story is too daft to laugh at.

slightly lengthier article, i love this quotes, conjures up a wonderful image
"“A lot of my customers are Knights Templar, it’s a Christian Masonic Order. It’s about swearing a vow to protect the Christian faith."

There is more to this story - even you have to admit it!
She was asked to remove them due to complaints about offence - we don't know who reported it!
She refused to remove them when request (probably breaking a rule about traders selling offensive items)
she refused therefore she was removed!
As long as she isn't selling something illegal... Presumably nobody has to buy anything they don't want to.
Pixie, so she can display anything on her stall as long as she doesn't sell them ?
Surely she can sell anything it's legal to? Nobody is being forced to buy them.
Question Author

Anything could cause offence to certain people for a number of reasons, so should everything that causes an offence be banned?

Perhaps burkas or Mosques could be banned because I am sure they are deemed offensive by a huge number of people?
Question Author
There is a stall in our market that sells Gollies.
The Council have not commented upon why the complainant was offended only that there was a complaint recieved about the trader selling 'contemporary/modern' mugs.

Anything other than that is bolting-on thories after the fact...
The earlier occasion when she was selling Nazi decorated items, they weren't vintage.

I may have raised an eyebrow at those but not even thought of reporting.

Seems she has got someone's back up now.

Can't see the fuss as regards the Knights Templar.
As long as they're not illegal, Anne. Would you not consider that fair?
AOG, if it has fallen into a race category and lets face it selling items that glorify the murder of thousands of muslims one would expect it to. Then it rightly causes offence to someone.
If someone sold a mug with the ISIS emblem on it suggesting death to the white man - would you not find that offensive?
I think the sales of the golliwog may be offensive to some and not to others - me I find it in poor taste!
There should be no ban on anyone selling anything legal.

Just because someone takes offence is not good reason. Like AOG says many find things from islam offensive i doubt very much any of that (legal) stuff would be banned for fear of offending the minority.
During the war, were there many folk drinking from mugs with Nazi symbols on them too?
I think the issue is whether the mugs are offensive or whether they are inoffensive but some may or may not be offended by them. It isn't reasonable to say if someone, anyone is offended, or claims to be, then what they are offended by is offensive. By that criteria everything is (potentially) offensive.

IMO the mugs are inoffensive, anyone offended is being too sensitive, and the council were wrong to ask her to remove them in the first place.

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