Call This A Free Country?

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anotheoldgit | 11:08 Thu 12th Oct 2017 | News
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What next the burning of certain books out of their library, to take place in their market place?


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AOG - // A-H

Perhaps you could introduce another of your unwritten rules say:

If a person is exercising his considerable and varied sense of humour then that person should enter this symbol at the end of the passage. :0) //

Perhaps I could ... but I won't, because as far as SP's posts are concerned, I am perfectly able to judge when he is being serious or sarcastic, I don't need a signpost to point me in the right direction, and I suspect none of the other regulars do either.
\\AOG, if it has fallen into a race category and lets face it selling items that glorify the murder of thousands of muslims one would expect it to. Then it rightly causes offence to someone. //

Muslims are not a race.
Don’t tell me another AOG thread has descended into a race row! No, surely not!
welcome to stalin's uk it's complete and utter bo---ks to say that it's a free country because it so obviously is not ,if your not one of the visitors [???] you cannot make comment or your racist you cannot sell what you want in case it offends one of our friends from overseas so how can it be free,makes me laugh we have things like mobo's[music of black origin] and the black police officers association however if I set up a white organisation the same I wouls be crucified so whats free?
Not much black music in the Proms or on Classic FM, jlcm, and many white artists have won MOBO awards.

There is a Christian Police Association which is open to officers of all races and colours but does exclude non-Christians. You can make a donation here:

There is also a Gay Police Association for homosexual and lesbian officers.

It is because this is a free country that minorities can be represented.

If you really want to buy modern Nazi mugs you can. If a council doesn't want a local market to sell them, they can ban their sale.
//Not much black music in the Proms or on Classic FM, jlcm//

More evidence of something or other, I presume.

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Call This A Free Country?

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