Belfast Murder Victim 'lay Dead For Two Years'

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mikey4444 | 13:32 Thu 12th Oct 2017 | News
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There are only sketch details available at the moment, but one wonders how this woman could have lain undiscovered for nearly 2 years.

According to the article, "Sinn Féin councillor Séanna Walsh said the victim's family was shocked and "overwhelmed with grief"."

But overwhelmed enough to check on their relative in over 2 years.


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Other than, say, the postman noticing an odd smell coming from my house, or perhaps people noticing four starving cats looking for food, I can't think of any reason why my body would be discovered for months, or even years, after I die. I like it that way. (I prefer to have a few 'acquaintances that I get along well with', rather than 'close friends'. I couldn't care less about my family).

I can't be the only one who feels that way, so it shouldn't necessarily be regarded as unsurprising (or sad) when a dead person's body lies undiscovered for ages.

However I agree that being "overwhelmed with grief" about the passing of someone with whom you've had no contact with for at least two years does sound somewhat odd!
Families can and do become estranged, they may even be on the other side of the World - it is sad all the same.

Glad they have someone in custody.

At the moment all one can do is pass their thoughts to the family and trying to second guess why the body was not discovered sooner is pointless until further updates are given.

///one wonders how this woman could have lain undiscovered for nearly 2 years///

Not hard to see really, no close Family ties, a healthy Bank Account paying regular bills by S/O or D/D so giving no reason for anyone to check up on her.
The "overwhelmed with grief" does seem a bit OTT tbh.
Question Author a single person, who lives alone, this has been on my mind for a while. Due to my own personal choice, I don't see much of my family from one week to the next. I do, however, keep in touch by phone, text, email, etc.

Apparently someone has been arrested in this case from Belfast, so maybe there is another side of this affair that we are not seeing.

But its shocking nevertheless.
I think it's very sad that no one missed her enough to check up on her for that period of time.
Besides a few I wouldn't recognise my neighbours in the street. Even the lads next door, all really nice lads who always bring us round a beer if we take in a parcel for them, I just don't seem to register their faces though.
I wonder whether the 23 year old arrested will turn out to be a close family member who may have been able to lie to, fob-off, etc. the other members of the family?
Question Author
There is no info in this case, on bank accounts and DD's, although I appreciate your point Baldric.

But the phrase "victim's family was shocked and "overwhelmed with grief" seems to indicate that this poor woman had some family left.
Poor soul.
Question Author very sad.
She was found on Friday and a young man was arrested on Wednesday. That's quick work by the investigating officers. Maybe they didn't have too far to look.
'overwhelmed with grief' comes from a professional politician so could reasonably be taken with a pinch of salt, something to say because a reporter was there.

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Belfast Murder Victim 'lay Dead For Two Years'

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