400,000 More Passengers To Be Hit By Ryanair Cancellations

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mikey4444 | 13:35 Wed 27th Sep 2017 | News
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Yet more chaos at Ryanair.


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Wow! And after them saying to expect more cancellations too. :)
so, not holidays this time round then?
they (Ryanair) should really offer a decent pay to pilots to get them to join.
Apparently a lot of Ryanair pilots have jumped ship and gone to this rival new airline ( can't remember the name at the moment )
As long as the little Irishman is flying tonight.
I heard they are merging with Tescos mikey.
Crickey how many passengers can you have to just drop 800,000 of them?
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Ryanair is in meltdown can only get worse.
Just to say I don't care I could stay in Crete forever more
Quite frankly, I couldn't care less !
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cassa....I am not sure how many passengers Ryanair normally carries every month but I would have thought that 400,000 of them, in one month, would have represented a large chunk.

This is costing Ryanair millions, and its share price is well down.

The effect on its future can't be underestimated. As I have said above, I think we are seeing the start of the complete meltdown of the Company, with all that means in term of the effect on its Staff and passengers.

And its all Ryanairs fault !

From the Link in the OP

///Ryanair's share price rose 3.5% in London, bringing the rise this year to 17%.///
Looking at the bigger airline picture, BA left passengers scattered across the globe a short time ago and American were caught manhandling an innocent traveller who had the temerity to expect what he'd paid for.
None of it matters after a day or two, there's always something else for the public to get exercised about.
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Dougie....the difficulty here is that this hasn't been going on for a day or so....its getting worse.

10,0000's of people have been left seriously out of pocket, and the financial impact on Ryanair is going to be huge. Its going to run and run !
An airline expert writes.........:)
Whale oil etc.

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400,000 More Passengers To Be Hit By Ryanair Cancellations

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