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Apart from the fact that there seems to be no proof whatsoever that terrorists have come in by boat, you mean?
Because it would have been like listening to an Ass! The big braying kind!!
He might be your Nigel but he certainly isn't mine...he comes across as a gurning buffoon...and his hatred of the EU whilst taking their wages seems a tad hypocritical to me....but then each to their own.
Nigel is wonderful, the only politician to have the gonads to tell it like it is.

I don't think he needs his MEP pay.

Don't forget , he is the only politician to achieve his goal, OUT OF EU.
(does this thread count as care in the community?)
Question Author

Much rather have Nigel in there to see what goes off than one of our traitorous pro-Europeans who are prepared to sell the UK down the line.

/// • Today, the European Parliament voted down several UKIP amendments which explicitly called for the protection of UK fishing waters, scrapping the Brexit bill and ending ECJ jurisdiction in the UK. Conservative and Labour MEPs joined forces to vote down these proposals along with the rest of the Parliament. ///
I see the goalposts have not only been moved but they have changed shape entirely.
Not for the first time Zacs
Question Author

/// (does this thread count as care in the community?) ///

No you are too far gone, you will have to seek your care somewhere else, sorry.
You will get two types of comments to this post

From the Remainers it will be along the lines of, not my Nigel, he talks rubbish, he is ignored and all the negative things you can think of.

From the Brexiters, he talks sense and should be listened to and all thing positive.

The truth is you won't change the minds of pro EU people because they see him as the reason they didn't get their way.

They can't bring themselves to admit that although they have not got their own way and because they think they are right and others are wrong even when the bleeding obvious is smacking them in the head they will stick their head and n the sand and all you'll hear is la la la lalala la la as they drown out the truth.

Sometimes absolute proof isn't necessary or even available. However the odds are so great that to think otherwise is foolhardy and dangerous.

A fare few of the terrorist Attucks have been perpetrated by hone nationals. But they are being radicalised by someone.!!

'not got their own way'

The rotund female ain't warbled yet.

the way things are going, it won't only be the remain voters who don't get their own way.
good old Nige, tell you what, as a special treat I'm bringing him back as my avatar. Had several requests anyway.
I have him as well as Jacob, both saviours of our great nation.
He was right to be concerned about the EUs policy regarding migrant boats, but so far there is no evidence he was right regarding ISIS terrorists, although of course that may or may not change in time as they settle here. I think those that struggle to get here are less likely to be radical than those with jihadist sympathies that were born here but don't realise how lucky they are and develop a warped sense of values
Zacs ; //Apart from the fact that there seems to be no proof whatsoever that terrorists have come in by boat, you mean?//

I sometimes think you are living in your own world, there a lots of known examples and heaven knows how many unknown, here are just 4;
Note the word 'seems' in my post Khandro?

The assertion that they arrived by boat is, i see, made by the men themselves.
listen to our nige ?

the one who said before THE referendum - £350m a week would go to the NHS and after the referendum - oops I shouldnt have said that!

that one?
Check your facts, he did not say that, look it up.
You will find it was the leave campaign.

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