Can Marine Le Pen Be Rightfully Accused Of Exploiting The Champs-Elysees Terror Attack?

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anotheoldgit | 11:35 Fri 21st Apr 2017 | News
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/// French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has accused far-right candidate Marine Le Pen of 'exploiting' the Champs-Elysees terror attack to win votes ahead of Sunday's presidential
election. ///

Unfortunately it has happened and she has voiced her option, so can there be anything wrong in that?


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///France needed a 'presidency which acts and protects us.'///

As does every Country
Question Author

But the sad fact is that most don't.
Yes of course she can be rightfully accused of exploiting the attack.
A far right politician exploiting a terrorist attack ?

Good heavens...whatever next !
Where would France expel its own citizens to? Le Pen has been on the slide recently and had in any case ratcheted up her racist rhetoric to try and win back of the hard line electorate. Just to get into the top two, as it's looking hard to predict which 2 of the top 4 will make Round Two
yes and she should, this is the sort of thing that needs highlighting to the voters. we are in this situation because of decades of liberal elite BS.
i hope she wins and rocks the boat
I am the first to champion your right ( AOG) to voice your dearly held opinions on the Daily Racist Thread ....

so yeah she can say what she likes
exclusion immediate des etrangers - ( elle insiste ) selon Europe1

sorry just a bit of forrin to vex tthe foreign language haters....
// Where would France expel its own citizens to?//

please stop asking obvious and difficult questions

fr'instance - if 'they' ( dark skinned foreigners with murderous intent in the cruel eyes and revenge engraved on their hears of stone .....) had dual nationality
it would be lawful to deprive them of their Fransh nationality and that leaves them with one ( North Africa somewhere ) that you could deport them to - [nuff said - end of ....sorry 3T speak leaking in there]

oo-la-la the European Court of Human Rights - oops sozza
cour europeenne des droits de l'homme would have something to say about that ! ( France would be still in altho we would be out as a result of Brexit magic dust)
Question Author
Is this a Daily Racist Thread, well
Peter Pedant thinks it is, why he was even the first and only one to mentioned skin tones and North Africa, so how racist is that?

It's not racist. Stop being silly!
Where would France expel its own citizens to I repeat? DON'T answer that Peter :-)
'Can Marine Le Pen Be Rightfully Accused Of Exploiting The Champs-Elysees Terror Attack?'

Yes of course she can be accused.

Did you mean 'Are people correct to accuse her'? I think you did.
If it was a one off I would say she was exploiting it but as we know ... it isn't a one off.

Never been the greatest fan of Paris but what is happening to it now is beyond the pale.
No, it happened and it needs to be discussed and it is very relevant to the French elections.

The liberal elite want to shut down the discussion as they do for anyone questioning their ideology so they will bleat on about 'exploitation'
By suggesting a wholly bogus solution to a security issue - namely the idea that you can deport terror suspects most of whom appear to be French, arguably its Le Pen who's closing the discussion. She is using this as an excuse to expound her racist views. A bit desperate really but as I said above she obviously feels she needs to regress to the old slogans of her Dad's time for now. She'll be using the name 'Le Pen' in her election posters next :-)

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Can Marine Le Pen Be Rightfully Accused Of Exploiting The Champs-Elysees Terror Attack?

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