What Are The Rules He Is Not Goig To Play By?

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youngmafbog | 11:44 Fri 21st Apr 2017 | News
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"Jeremy Corbyn has vowed not to "play by the rules" in his first major speech of the election campaign. "

But what are the rules (I am sure he means legal ones but I really cant think what he is really getting at?


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Strangely enough he's starting to sound a bit like Trump.
I'm sure he doesn't mean legal ones. He means common practice, gentlemen's agreements, etc..
He means he won't be all lovey-dovey with Theresa, giving her a nice peck on the cheek should their paths ever cross.
Perhaps 'not playing by the rules' means he's not going to resign after Labour lose the election. It wouldn't surprise me.
perhaps he's intending to break with labour tradition and start talking sense!
I liked the mock up of Corbyn on the phone:
'Hello, is that Mr Putin? I have a favour to ask ...'
Maybe that's what he means :-)
It makes sense for him to play the 'rebel'. That's where he's at his strongest, on his surest ground. If he started being sensible he'd alienate those people who appreciate that he's a bit different, and no one else would believe him anyway. Polling shows that many people support a lot of his policies - until told they're Corbyn policies, and then they change their minds.
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So what are the Gentlemens agreements?

Usually seems the Gloves are off once the starting whistle has been blown.

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What Are The Rules He Is Not Goig To Play By?

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