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Can The UK Recover?

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AB Editor | 10:24 Wed 15th Feb 2017 | News
108 Answers
Please define what a recovery would look like to you in your comments.

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  • No - 55 votes
  • 68%
  • Yes - 26 votes
  • 32%

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I think you can answer answer “yes” or “no” to a ‘multiple area’ question if you give reasons for your answer.
IMO this is a "Have you stopped beating your wife yet” question. Immigration goes back to the Romans and possibly even before that.
The world has got economic migrant and refugee issues, among others, and the real problems around this and the strong feelings that the issues evoke are causing global unrest....I mean we can see that....

/// AOG....I was born in 1953, and I can quite clearly remember the West Indian bus conductors in London. I also had West Indian classmates in school in 1958, so please don't lecture me. ///

Once again you seem intent on bringing colour into the debate.

What have the memories of West Indian bus conductors got to do with matters, or even your West Indian class mates if it comes to that?

You were only 7 years old at the end of the 50s, hardly old enough even then to hold a valid opinion on that era.

And as regards lecturing you, since I have actual adult experience of the 50s, I think I am more qualified than you to lecture on that particular subject.

gets popcorn, gets comfortable. are correct to a certain point. At the age of 7, I had yet to develop the irrational fear of strangers, and the rampant racism that came with it. And all these years later, I still haven't.

But I was correct in refuting your implication that I had no experience of life in the 50's.

Just a few years earlier, my Dad, and Irishman had to cope with with boarding houses in London, who displayed signs saying ::

No Blacks
No Dogs
No Irish
Again AOG you seem to be stating that because we did not have adult experiences in the 50's we are not qualified to comment on them. That is entirely wrong and stifling any possibility of debate.
It's a 'have you stopped beating your wife' sort of question.

"Again AOG you seem to be stating that because we did not have adult experiences in the 50's we are not qualified to comment on them"

No , I don't think AOG is saying that at all, I think that he is intimating that a child of 7 years of age has developed his/her opinions, not on experiences, but on the opinions of his/her parents.
Sorry woofgang, you got there before me with that one :-)
Question Author
"MO this is a "Have you stopped beating your wife yet” question."

It is a bit. Still, worth a discussion!
Morning Sqad !

Its quite clear what AOG is saying here. He is insisting that only much older people than me can possibly be qualified to give an opinion on immigration.

Perhaps its my fault, by mentioning the 50's......I should have just said the 60's but he would have found another way to disparage the argument.

Back to Eds thread. I still think the question is specious, as "recover" has yet to be defined.
Only people who think immigration has been bad can really either vote or comment meaningfully tho without digressing. I do think anyone who thinks immigration is going to fall after Brexit is deluding themselves.
Morning mikey.......well, you may well be right, but that was not my impression.
BA for Ichy at 10:42 !
I agree with ichkeria, it is a question aimed only at those who believe the country is a worse place now than it was fifty years ago because of immigration. Might as well have addressed it directly to AOG!
Haven't been on the other thread, but I found this a really peculiar question. The UK will change over time as will all other countries. As for recovering - recover from what? Some things will get better, other things will get worse, but people will have different opinions as to what needs to improve and what is OK. We can't predict anyway, who knows what's in store!
I would have thought you Ed were the last person to jump aboard the post-Brexit Racist "Send them all home" Bandwagon. I'm gobsmacked.
I must admit to being a tad surprised myself !

I don't think that this Poll was very well thought out at all
( Sorry Ed ! )
AOG - My son is going to uni to study history. Does the fact he hasn't lived through the eras he'll be studying make him unqualified to have an opinion?

Do you realise how bonkers that sounds?
ummmm....nobody is suggesting that........all that one is suggesting is that the "practical" experience of an era my weigh more heaviuly than a "theoretical" appraisement.
It may....or may not.

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