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This Recent Headline Intrigued Me

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fiction-factory | 07:55 Wed 15th Feb 2017 | News
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"200 illegal migrants a DAY caught sneaking into UK- and that's in just one month"

Leaving aside the more important issue of how many don't get caught, I do not see what the words "and that's in just one month" add to the headline. 200 a day is 200 a day- whether it's over a month or 6 months. If anything it tells me it's a short period over which to draw any conclusions and maybe the Express has been selective in its choice of time period.


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It's to show how much the numbers increased in June which they put down to the upcoming referendum.
I have seen estimates that 94% of illegal immigrants get away with it, so if the figure of 94% getting through undetected is true over 3300 got in during June 2016.
The daftest thing that ever happend in my lifetime was joining the EU the second daftest was having to put up with open borders, all in the past I know but we will never recover.
whiskeryron, Being in the EU and open borders have nothing to do with illegal immigrants as they are illegal!
Leaving the EU will slow the legal immigration from other EU states but do NOTHING about the illegals. If fact it will make it worse as some who previously could get in legally will resort to illegal entry.
Legals or illegals, whiskeryron is right - we will never recover.
Just an example of how the Express has Miss reported Illegal Immigration in the past:
Presumably the Express have seen the monthly tallys and then picked the highest figure, in this case, 6,000 and then presented that as the normal figure rather than the exception figure.

There are two possible reasons why they might attempt this deception.
1. Because if they used the true daily figure it wouldn't be that high and wouldn't sound like a crisis.
2. The Express readers want the figures to look worse than they are, so the paper just delivers that news.
Eddie. Do you mean 3,300 a day got in during June?
// I have seen estimates that 94% of illegal immigrants get away with it, so if the figure of 94% getting through undetected is true over 3300 //

Not sure how you arrive at 94% get away with it?
200 immigrants x 30 days = 6,000.
So if 6% is 6,000, then 100% of illegals must be 100,000 which surely cant be right?
Hi WR and Bigbad, I'd like to run a poll on your question - can I ask, what would be "recovery" for you?
If that figure is per day, then
1,200,000 illegal immigrants per year.
300,000 legal immigrants per year

Sounds like bolux.
Good question Ed. A poll would however be a bit meaningless. We don't actually know who many legal migrants / immigrants we have, let alone illegal ones.
Bit disturbing really. Maybe the poll should be:
How confident are you in our Border Agencies figured:
c)not at all
Hi AB Editor.
For me, recovery would mean not letting anyone else in to the country that doesn’t have the means to support themselves.
It would also mean deporting those already here who don’t support themselves fully. And yes, I do mean those who are employed, but their wages mean that they are able to claim benefits, because they most likely take out more than they put in.

Recovery would also mean that the overloaded NHS/schools and all other publicly funded services stopped being overloaded.

Just for the record, I have no problem with those who are fully able to support themselves and their families.
The 94% figure was based on information from Customs that only 6% of the trucks entering the UK are searched. So any immigrants hiding in the 94% of trucks that are not searched are presumably getting away with it. If a driver finds he has illegal immigrants on board he is not likely to report it as he then faces a £5,000 fine and having his vehicle confiscated and his load destroyed if it is food.
I might ask the question, and then suggest every give their own version of what a recovery would look like.

Interesting that you think we'll never recover, but gave that answer.
But, Eddie, if the Gromit/Express figure is right and your 94% figure is right, that would mean 1,200,000 illegal immigrants a year.
AB Editor,
You asked “what would be recovery for you” and I answered.
I never said I thought it would happen!
Here's a poll, please come have your say:

Might do yours another day Zacs.
/// New figures show 24,800 were seized attempting to enter the UK illegally during the first six months of last year. ///

What should be reported is this:

How many of those were sent back immediately?

And if they first had to have their request for asylum heard etc etc, how much did it cost for each one to be send back from whence they came?

Hi Bigbad, I simply mean your answer was leaning very heavily on stopping immigration/deportation as the answer - which is something that this government has some kind of mandate for, and seems more likely to happen than it has ever.

So that's what I meant by "interesting" - the claim that something that's more likely to happen now than ever is never going to happen :)
Oooh. Now you've lost me!
Can't make head nor tail of that Ed.

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