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Can The UK Recover?

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AB Editor | 10:24 Wed 15th Feb 2017 | News
108 Answers
Please define what a recovery would look like to you in your comments.

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  • No - 55 votes
  • 68%
  • Yes - 26 votes
  • 32%

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/// are correct to a certain point. At the age of 7, I had yet to develop the irrational fear of strangers, and the rampant racism that came with it. ///

I would have thought that your parents should have taught you to be wary of strangers well before the age of 7, and just for interest were all your strangers of a different race, because I don't think that the "fear of white strangers" could possibly be described as 'rampant racism'.

/// But I was correct in refuting your implication that I had no experience of life in the 50's. ///

/// Just a few years earlier, my Dad, and Irishman had to cope with with boarding houses in London, who displayed signs saying :: ///

No Blacks
No Dogs
No Irish ///

Ah! that old chestnut again, did your dad actually sit you on his knee, after he had come back from the Labour Club and tell you about those notices?

Do you know, I travelled around the country quite a bit in those days, yet can honestly say that I never came across any of those notices.

Are you saying AOG that all the historical evidence is lying the about the 'no blacks' etc posters in windows?
I think the difference between theoretical appraisal and personal experience is an interesting comment. Both are valid but they “know” different things.
Sqad - and much would depend on your social standing. Someone living in the slums during the 50s is going to have a different experience to someone living in a quaint middle class village.
Islay, I’ve no doubt that the signs regarding blacks, Irishmen and dogs did exist, but all’s well now. They’ve been replaced.
ummmm....absolutely.........the parameters would have to be defined beforehand ( which seem to be non-existent in this thread).
Naomi, I know they existed it is AOG that you need to tell that they existed
/// Its quite clear what AOG is saying here. He is insisting that only much older people than me can possibly be qualified to give an opinion on immigration. ///

And where have I insisted that?

All I have been saying is the fact of what life was like before mass migration that being from the late 40s into the 50s.

No one is stopping you from giving an opinion on immigration from the time you became old enough to voice that opinion.

/// Perhaps its my fault, by mentioning the 50's...... ///

I can't debate on what you should have said mikey, it was you who mentioned the 50s and then tied it up with immigration.

/// I should have just said the 60's but he would have found another way to disparage the argument. ///

Yes but you didn't did you, and yes I might have given you an argument on the subject of the 60's but would never set out to disparage one, only you can do that when you have lost the argument.
Islay, any comment on the signs that have replaced them?
## It's not about recover, because recover is the wrong word I think. ##

.........I agree.

Ed, if you are asking, is the UK in a mess, the answer is YES!

If you are asking, will it get out of the mess, the answer is, NO!

Its a bit like asking: Will the planet ever recover for the pollution we have caused?....NEVER.
I would have thought you Ed were the last person to jump aboard the post-Brexit Racist "Send them all home" Bandwagon. I'm gobsmacked.

Although I think the Q is a bit bonkers ... how has the Ed jumped on the "Send them all home" Bandwagon?

/// AOG - My son is going to uni to study history. Does the fact he hasn't lived through the eras he'll be studying make him unqualified to have an opinion? ///

I didn't say anyone is unqualified to voice an option on any subject they care to, simply that a person with actual first hand experience of that subject is more qualified to do so.

Leaning a subject from history books or history lecturers can alter over the years, the writing of history can be questioned at any time and we all know that the teaching of such history can vary according to the political leanings of the lecturers or what is the current climate's interpretation of it is.

It will not be the first time that history has been re-written.
Yes I have comments an opinions but now is not the time to air them

/// Naomi, I know they existed it is AOG that you need to tell that they existed ///

I didn't say that they didn't exist, I just said that during my travels I never came across one. It would have been a lie, if not misleading, to say that they existed when I hadn't actually seen one.

What is your response to Naomi's link, by the way?
Islay, why not? You seemed interested in signs when you were questioning aog about the forerunners.

/// Yes I have comments an opinions but now is not the time to air them ///

How very strange, you are not normally so reluctant to voice your comments and opinions.

Don't you care for the subject matter?
Oh you too are so funny, next you will be accusing me and reporting me for taking the topic off subject!!!
1950s immigrants were invited to fill available jobs, thereby not straining welfare payouts. Todays 'open door' immigrants are not of the same mould.
When will the right time to air your comments an opinions be Islay?

Islay, unless the circumstances are extreme I don't 'do' reporting so you're quite safe. Do you have an answer to my question?

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