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Diane Abbott Slammed As 'deluded' ….

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naomi24 | 09:54 Wed 15th Feb 2017 | News
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… police officers after calling spit hoods 'unnecessary'

//Human rights campaigners have slammed the mesh hoods, which cover a suspect’s head and prevent violent offenders from spitting and biting, as “distressing” and “degrading”. …..Responding to Ms Abbott’s criticism, Metropolitan Police Superintendent Roy Smith tweeted: “@HackneyAbbott always open to ideas – would you be willing to meet one of my colleagues infected with Hep C after being spat at to discuss?” //

Not distressing for those spat upon and infected then? People like her and the human rights campaigners mentioned who are all too willing to support the ‘rights’ of the abuser need to get their brains in gear. – if they can find them!


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Lol at wr ...
Phlegm derives from 'phlegma', Greek not Norwegian',, hence the spelling.
// plastic shopping bags which are freely available. //

They are 5p around here.

///Diane Abbott Slammed As 'deluded'///

I thought that was the widely accepted opinion, admit slightly surprised to see a debate on it!

As for Spit hoods, of course they are needed by the Police and possibly other Services too.
Great idea.
We can st aside £millions now for when all the compensation claims are awarded against their misuse.

// A Tasered man has won a negligence claim against Merseyside Police in a landmark case.
The judgement found the force to be negligent because of delays in getting Mr McCarthy treated.
Solicitor, Sophie Khan said her client will now look to claim damages. //

// West Midlands Police has been ordered to pay £26,500 compensation to a former security guard from Birmingham who was Tasered and wrongly arrested by officers. //

// Two men who were Tasered by police during a bizarre incident on a stag do have won a five-figure payout in compensation.
The pair were pepper sprayed and Tasered by police in Weymouth, Dorset in August 2010... //

// THE METROPOLITAN police have been ordered to pay compensation to a innocent businessman who was tasered by officers. //
Gromit - //Great idea.
We can st aside £millions now for when all the compensation claims are awarded against their misuse. //

All the instances you quote appear to be where people were either assaulted as innocent parties, or were not treated appropriately afterwards - do you think they should not be entitled to comensation?

Ah, so a Spithood is Police Slang for a Taser, who knew?
This Claims Lawyer practice seems pleased that the police are starting using them.

Some future business coming their way no doubt.
// You mean like putting a bullet proof jacket on AFTER you have been shot? //

Err, no. It's more like putting a spit hood on someone after they've spat at you. It's to prevent them doing it again you see.
she's always been completely radio.

You cannot be shot dead twice.
Likewise, if a pilice officer has already been spat at, then the hood had already failed. Not being spat at for a second time is a bit irrelelevent.
Gromit - it will prevent that unpleasant experience being visited on colleagues during the rest of the encounter.
Andy could you nip over to the If you could go anywhere thread and remove some really nasty answers please? the posters are left but the answers are very nasty indeed

ANDY HUGHES get over to the "if you could visit Thread" Page 3 and do some overdue 'Modding'
// Not being spat at for a second time is a bit irrelelevent //

Complete nonsense. Being spat at isn't very nice. If it's happened once, you want to prevent it happening again.
This vile racist Labour ogre continuously complains about insults but calls preventative measures against disgusting criminal assaults as unnecessary. Typical Labour thinking. No wonder the 'party' is finished.

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Diane Abbott Slammed As 'deluded' ….

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