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Diane Abbott Slammed As 'deluded' ….

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naomi24 | 09:54 Wed 15th Feb 2017 | News
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… police officers after calling spit hoods 'unnecessary'

//Human rights campaigners have slammed the mesh hoods, which cover a suspect’s head and prevent violent offenders from spitting and biting, as “distressing” and “degrading”. …..Responding to Ms Abbott’s criticism, Metropolitan Police Superintendent Roy Smith tweeted: “@HackneyAbbott always open to ideas – would you be willing to meet one of my colleagues infected with Hep C after being spat at to discuss?” //

Not distressing for those spat upon and infected then? People like her and the human rights campaigners mentioned who are all too willing to support the ‘rights’ of the abuser need to get their brains in gear. – if they can find them!


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I would say that David Davis had a very narrow escape moving in for that kiss without wearing a spit hood! Jeez!
They should politely ask suspects to attend the police station. (when they've finished kicking the carp of their adversary, of course)
I think some perspective needs to be gained. It's not as if the police will deploy these hoods on every suspect caught. They will be used if the person arrested spits at the officers.

It's not a human rights violation at all. If you spit at a police officer, the officer has the right to protect themselves in a non-violent manner.
agchristie @ 10.52 has said exactly what I was thinking.
I am continually amazed at the advances in science and engineering.
To me it is just unfathomable how these hoods can detect when someone is going to spit and prevent them from doing so.
Do they read brain waves, or detect small muscle movement around the jaw?
We cannot stop the advances of new technology, and even though we don't know how these magically devices work, we should use them if they work.
You can't be that thick, gromit, can you?
They put spit-hoods on people who are actually spitting, not everyone they apprehend/speak to.

You mean like putting a bullet proof jacket on AFTER you have been shot?
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Gromit - //Samjenko

You mean like putting a bullet proof jacket on AFTER you have been shot? //

Not really!
Stupid analogy Gromit. The person wearing a BPV is the potential victim. A spit mask goes on the attacker after they have spit.
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Ok DB. Did you mean frequent 'fleggers' club? ;-)
What's a flegger when it's at home?
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I often watch the many police documentaries on TV these days and yes, the police, apart from other assaults, often get spat at too which I think is particularly disgusting. So of course they should use these so called spit hoods. I wish we could tell the pc 'right on' brigade to bog off !
To 'Fleg' means to spit where I was brought up it comes from the old Norse fleygja which means to let fly or hurl.
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Could I suggest a cheaper alternative to mesh hoods to be applied to these vile creatures, plastic shopping bags which are freely available.
I see. It derives from 'phlegm'.
I suspect phlegm might derive from fleygja.

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Diane Abbott Slammed As 'deluded' ….

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