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New President Sprouts Wings And Soars - Wouldn't You Say?

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Khandro | 13:46 Thu 02nd Feb 2017 | News
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In his first week as President Donald J. Trump swept down from Valhalla and accomplished more than most presidents do in a lifetime.

Among his innumerable wonderful and admirable achievements:

• He signed an Executive Order to “secure the southern border of the United States through the immediate construction of a physical wall.”

• He threatened to cut federal funding to “sanctuary cities” that harbor illegal aliens who clean toilets, sell drugs, and rape women.

• He stabbed the Trans Pacific Partnership to death.

• He enacted an immediate federal hiring freeze.

• He called for a “major investigation” into voter fraud during the last election.

• He advanced plans for the Keystone and Dakota pipelines.

• He temporarily blocked all refugees from entering the United States for 120 days. He blocked Syrian refugees indefinitely and barred visa applicants from Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Iran, Somalia, and Sudan, thus sparing American citizens from a tremendous influx of body odor.
“It’s OK to praise Satan and Joseph Mengele—just don’t call a gay guy a ‘fruit.’”

• He won high holy hosannas from American labor-union chiefs.

• He met with British Prime Minister Theresa May, whereupon they winked at each other and whispered that they would make the Anglosphere great again.

It ain’t vainglorious if it’s great again!

Despite all these monumental achievements, the press attempted to deflect attention by focusing on the size of his inauguration crowd and showing pictures of crying Muslims.



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You really do need to come of the meds for a while.
Don't forget he also found time to swat Mrs Murkhell and gave a rocket, that did not develop guidance problems, to the smug Australian Milkem Turnbull****. Hope he is finding time to get his hair done and to top up his tan.
You do go on some weird websites. Here's where that was copied and pasted from:

This is a right-wring publication filled with fairly nasty stuff. A lot of propaganda, not much in the way of humanity.
The key word here is 'accomplish' - which has some seriously wide and not always positive connotations.

Hitler 'accomplished' the extermination of six million Jews - that doesn't make it something to be proud of.
Not sure an AB Editor should be insinuating right wing is nasty.

Either way The POTUS has achieved a lot already. I'm sure he will gain strength from the hows of the left and all those luvvies and the media who simply dont get how someone can operate outside the right-on liberal elite Establishment.

Hopefully there will be more to come, one thing is for sure the left cant accuse him of U-Turns and broken promises which i am pretty sure they would have done if he actually amended his policies to appease him.

Most of the points on that list are the exact reasons I thought his first week was awful... :/
YMB, the Ed didn't say the right wing was nasty, they said that particular site was nasty. You really do need to start making subtle distinctions in what people write. It's colouring your posts.
It will be interesting to see, say in six months, how many of those " wonderful & admirable achievements" will come to fruition.
As the editorial stated in the DM yesterday -'judgment is reserved'.
The AB Editor is as entitled as anyone else to his opinion. Don't try to suppress it just because it differs from yours.
Must confess I was surprised that the Ed even knew of the site and was able to ID the op so quickly. I had never seen the site and have had a quick shuffty. A lot of it is laced with irony and obviously tongue in cheek in parts, a bit like the right wing version of the Canary I suppose. I have bookmarked it though and will have a read through some of the "articles" that are there. I did find the twitter accounts below the second page pretty weird reading I must say. Most of the comments seemed to be made by people who were obviously "bombed" (^_*)
^^Haha. Not meant to happen but hey ho.
I think the 'takimag' credit at the bottom might have been a clue Togo.
What about his stance on abortion?
He'll probably be sprouting wind and sores before his presidency is up.
I've always commented as I wish youngmafbog, and will continue to.

I found it as Khandro signed off with the name of the nasty little publication.
Just seen that, it was sort of lost at the bottom of the OP. There was me thinking that Ed was a diligent and avid web watcher, better to protect us from the dark forces at play in our troubled World. (^_*)
I am that too :)

I just don't do a very good job though, as many seem set on visiting these hate sites, because their fears are played on and catered to. It's a shame.
Question Author
I've been reading 'Taki' (Taki Theodorascopulos) in the high Life column of The Spectator for over 30 years and I admire and enjoy his witty incisive take on the world, you may read some of them on here;
He did not write that piece but as editor he would be sympathetic to what it contains, as will many millions of so-called 'right wing' sensible people.
on a point of order
Mrs May didnt wink at him but held his hand ( and they werent married)
I am not sure if one sweeps down from Valhalla - as you have to be dead ( 2nd amendment and all that ) to get there in the first place
I am certain you dont sprout wings

other than that - well yeah

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New President Sprouts Wings And Soars - Wouldn't You Say?

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