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Donald Trump: 'we Will Build Mexico Border Wall'

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naomi24 | 09:09 Wed 25th Jan 2017 | News
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//The new US president is expected to sign several executive orders regarding immigration and border security over the next few days.

They are likely to include the "extreme vetting" of people coming from seven predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa.

This would restrict refugee access.//

He's not hanging about, is he.


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a wall seems a huge undertaking...more security patrols would be easier
Question Author
Successfully patrolling a 2000 mile border would be no mean feat!
Wow, a politician actually doing what they said they were going to do pre election, that a first?
Question Author
B00, not sure it's a first, but he's certainly quick off the mark!
but a 2000 mile wall ? very ambitous....
How long before the Mexicans blow a hole in the wall? Remember the Alamo.
Not like Mrs May. Prevaricate, dawdle, excuse etc.
Rumour has it that Dale Winton's free at the moment, it could be great, the best.
Judge Janine has no doubts about The Donald;
Question Author
david small, in fairness, in the circumstances, Mrs May has had no choice.
I don't agree, she could have immediately invoked article 50. Leaving two years to sort out the finer details. She has always been a fence sitter.
When he realises the cost and that the invoice to Mexico will be unpaid I think he will change tac and that it is a metaphorical wall of sanctions and vetting etc.

At least he is starting g to doehathepromised on the campaign trail.

I don't really have a problem with vetting and checking who is coming I to your country. After all at present the world is not one nation and each nation should be able to keep people out if that's is their want. What they will need to do though is make sure that doesn't become isolationist and foster hate.

There needs to be a balanced approach. Whether he is capable of balanced is yet to be demonstrated.
David Small
What has all this got to do with Donald Trump?
Question Author
david small, If you say so. Now back to the subject ....
A 2000 mile wall and what, 1461 days to get it built ? He'll need a fair few building teams on it. Have the Mexicans coughed up the finance yet ?
Question Author
I doubt very much that Mexico will be paying for it.
hope its a tall wall..those mexicans are crafty amigos...can see em pole vaulting
The Great Wall of China is over 5000 miles long.
I don't think Donald Trump will live that long to see it finished

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Donald Trump: 'we Will Build Mexico Border Wall'

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