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Some hysteria in that comparison I think. Just shows the depth and width of the gap between these commentators and the 'normal' people. Unnecessary politicization- and unworthy.
Thank you, Baldric. Precisely.
// "I have had a kind of awakening. Brexit woke me up and reminded me I needed to pay attention to what the non elite majority of voters were thinking.//

thhis is like writing in 1984 - I saw Arthur Scargill defending those poor miners with his heart and body and I knew I had to stop drinking that French crap ( er wine that is) revert to good wholesome hoppy Beer and vote CP of GB for the rest of my life
(in my case that didnt happen)

Stupid offensive man, needs a wake up call imo.
I find it rather an odd thing to say, but then if your desperate not to accept what happened .......
I think in my case and in the majority of the remainers that I know that we should now make the best of a bad job and just get on with it.
What a drama queen. Silly man.
// I find it rather an odd thing to say, but then if you're desperate not to accept what happened .......//

well it follows the logical structure with a few word substitution
( mutatis mutandis as we say in Latin)[ oo er foreign word alert there !]

and No I accept the Brexit vote

but as the ancient Greeks might say or start off with
" only a fool would go for Brexit and then accept terms which are less favourable than those which might otherwise be had" - enthymeme I think and sums up my view

[ sorry another foreign word there for Balders to put foo de goggle translator]

and really Baldric

"Stupid offensive man, needs a wake up call imo."

do you really have to refer to Mushroom as question setter in such insulting terms ? - he is after all only trying to stimulate debate because the result of Brexit is irrevocable
// What a drama queen. Silly man.//

please can we have a little more logical and rational argument that Nigh is accused of doing ( o god I had to laugh when i heard that )
perhaps even with foreign words scattered around

and a fewer insults ? ( or argumentum ad hominem ) oops sorry folks !
mushroom25 - to try and avoid getting sidetracked into the Brexit debate, and stick to the OP -

I think it was a crass comparison, the merits of its logic being seriously outweighed by the sensationalist and offended reaction it was bound to receive.

It is possible to make the same point, and word it far better so that the meaning is not crushed under the weight of the message.
Peter Pedant, careful ....
Well you will be the expert on old Greek words PP ... As you're always talking out of your Aristotle.
-- answer removed --
I did. Nothing to get stroppy about - but then what's new? I expect this to be deleted momentarily.
did anyone see the removed answer?

I did ... it was mine.

PP basically tells us he is smarter than Baldric

Peter Pedant
[ sorry another foreign word there for Balders to put foo de goggle translator]

I made a joke about it and it was removed. More AB double standards.

PP @ 08:47, you PP, not Mushroom, but I,m sure you knew that already.
are they hoping for second comming of the EU? What a bunch of sour grape munching eejits!

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