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careful YMB, you don't want to become a swivel eyed knuckle dragging little Englander do you!
Zhou Enlai, the first Premier of the People's Republic of China, was once asked what he thought of the French Revolution, and his reply was :::

"Its too soon to say"

I suspect that the same could be said about may be a long time before we are able to say as well.
The fact has always been, and remains, that no-one knows what is going to happen, and anything anyone says is speculation and guesswork.

It is informed guesswork on the part of people like Mr Carney, but guesswork it was, is and remains until things shake out, and that is going to take years.
Wells said Andy ! But there are some people that think that when March 2017 comes along, Britain will find itself in the sunlit upper meadows of perfection.

It might happen but not be next March.
I am sorry to slightly sidetrack here, but can I congratulate you on a cracking header.

I have got a vision of the mythical 'Doo' hungering after an afternoon snack.

Sorry, as you were.
I don't understand why good news would be bad news for anyone- perhaps you are imagining it.
"But there are some people that think that when March 2017 comes along, Britain will find itself in the sunlit upper meadows of perfection. "

Few people I know think that, Mikey. The country has been bogged down for far too long by the corrupt, sclerotic EU for significant change to happen overnight. What should be more clear cut is that whatever sunlit upper meadows the country needs to head to, they will be the meadows of our politicians' choosing and nobody else's. As a result, if the wrong meadows are chosen it will be their fault and nobody else's - and I believe that's what troubles many of them. For too long they have been able to hide behind Nanny EU's apron. In the coming years they may actually have to make a few decisions that might affect the nation's future.
There are some who cases of sour grapes and some who like gloating/rubbing people's noses in it, but on the whole I think most people just want to get on with things and welcome good news when it comes along
If you read the article it's far from being all good news. I'm not sure YMBs attention span got him to the bits between the two pictures.
Ah, Mamy, in Scotland the "doo" is far from mythical! Well, that's how the bird's name is pronounced, though it's spelt doe, an abbreviated form of dove.
A newly-built secondary school up there had an old dovecote in the grounds and the new young headmaster was explaining this to potential Heads of Department. He later said that he hadn't come up with a suitable motto for the place, but one of the job-applicants immediately suggested, "Have you thought of do your best?"
Clearly he was getting tired of the young whiz-kid boss and was referring to the sound of the bird's name. I don't think he got a job, but I'd have employed him instantly!
Me too.
Question Author
I would not put too much store on only 1 thousand or so businesses surveyed. Would you?

And the point her is about Barclays and Google, especially Barclays as it was pretty much declared Banking would be off overnight (even if those of us who work in it know that was rubbish since most of it is in India anyway !! )

FF, I think many who voted out have accepted it and now want to move on to minimize speculation and more scaremongering by big Global corps in particular. The bad news is only for those, Like Ms Miller who cannot accept Democracy.

Micky, I am really not sure how you came to that conclusion. It is not going to be plain sailing at all, but how rough or smooth it is will be down to May (and probably Merkles replacement).

In actual fact we will never know whether Brexit is better or worse. Many unforeseen factors (like The Donalds victory) will impact the economy over the coming years. It will be impossible to know whether we would have done better in the EU much as if we had stayed we would not know if we could have done better.

What is important is that we will have control of our destiny and hopefully we can implement a damage limitation exercise when the Euro (and maybe the EU - but I hope not) fails.
lol -( Assuming that she works for Barclays )- that lady in the second picture does not appear to be on the same page as her boss

Lord help us.

This is good news for everyone. Bremoaners don't actually want the UK to fail post-Brexit. It would be a nose/fact/cut situation.
"Bremoaners don't actually want the UK to fail post-Brexit."

Very possibly true. But from what I hear many Bremoaners would do all they can to see there is no proper Brexit at all.
Zhou Enlai, was once asked what he thought of the French Revolution, and his reply was ::: "Its too soon to say"

and Gandhi was asked about English civilisation replied that he thought it would be a good idea if they were . and in a Brexitty fashion - he led his country triumphantly to nearly a century of economic stagnation ....

and for chrissakes boys and girls cant we just agree that Brexit IS
so wondering what would have happened ....

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