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depots dealing depots! wonderful!
16:22 Fri 17th Jun 2016
depots dealing depots! wonderful!
... or even despots dealing with despots!
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It's something of a quandary for our virtue-signallers, wouldn't you say, mamya?
If Médecins Sans Frontières decides that making a political stand against the common sense activities of countries under threat of massive immigration, and to "cut off their nose to spite their face" by refusing funding that could be used to do good, then that is their peculiar choice to make.

Few like some of the pragmatic decisions one must take to create a best result, but it is either put up with it or get used. Some ends can sometimes justify some means especially when the means is to be charitable to one's fellow human beings.

Finance should be used to ensure those who have legitimately fled over a near border have a decent lifestyle in the circumstances. If Médecins Sans Frontières don't want this to happen then that is rather uncaring of them, but we can't force them to take the money.
Sorry Svelk, you asked me a question - I had to leave the screen.

I think you know I wouldn't deem to speak for any other person or group of people.

I am sure MSF haven't taken this decision at all lightly and they have the expertise in areas that I know next to zero about.
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I just have the perception, and I think it's a fair one, mamya, that the kind of, big-hearted, people who would welcome refugees would also be Remainers.
To know that the EU, after top-secret talks, are not only sending them back to possible death but supplying the ammo to kill them must make them a tad uneasy.

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