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Once again: In Or Out?

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AB Editor | 11:07 Tue 14th Jun 2016 | News
77 Answers

This poll is closed.

  • Leave the European Union - 172 votes
  • 68%
  • Remain a member of the European Union - 76 votes
  • 30%
  • I'm not voting - 4 votes
  • 2%

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Poll closed already? I wondered why there were still only 7 votes. :o/
Dodgy Dave has got the Ed in his back pocket☺
Perhaps this was a practice run on how to sabotage the real vote(^_*).
Very likely, Togo. If REMAIN win next week I'll show my bare backside in Selfridge's window.
I'll be keeping away from Selfridges then Jackdaw, at least until the result is confirmed.
Don't let the mayor spot you, Jackdaw. ;o)
Don't knock my buttocks 'til you've seen 'em!
UK shouldn't leave EU.
Lol Jackdaw, you sounded like Forest Gump there.
Do you really need to ask that Jack.

You should know by now Dave will use any tactic he thinks will get a remain.

Of course the last tactic may well be riggjng the vite orcompletely ignoring the result.
Still can't understand how an exit poll can influence the result, unless it's a gigantic conspiracy.
How do we vote?
It can't influence the true vote Jackdaw. But an exit poll showing a clear vote for out would make it even harder to announce that the Remainians had won the day.
Question Author
Sorry, I see the poll closed quicker in some constituencies than others. Nevermind, you can have another go in German/French in 30 years time.

(We've fixed it and it is open again)
Jackdaw if the exit poll is published before the polls close it will influence people who have not bothered to vote to get out and do so if it looks like the vote is not going the way they want.
That does not happen. Exit polls are only published after the polls close. This cannot affect the result. At the last election Dimbleby held an envelope which he could not open till the clocks struck ten.
understand that, EDDIE, but surely all that is needed is a prohibition on Exit Polls revealing their results before the polls close. Anything else is highly contentious and suspicious.
I see the 'out' majority is getting stronger!
Perhaps they want to avoid the embarrassment of the Scottish referendum and the last general election, where the exit polls turned out to be wide of the mark !
I and many others make a point of always telling anyone who asks something other than what I actually voted. I am sure a lot of that would have been done if there had been exit polls.
If someone came to my door and asked are you voting 'Leave' I just say Yes to get rid of them, same answer for 'Remain'. I always tell them what they want to hear and do what I intended anyway in the privacy of the polling booth

21 to 40 of 77rss feed

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Once again: In Or Out?

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