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South Yorkshire Police Spend £2.1M On Chief's Hillsborough Costs

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mikey4444 | 09:19 Tue 14th Jun 2016 | News
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Guess who is paying for the SYP's attempt to pervert the course of justice ?


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we are

the chief is now an ex-chief isnt he ? removed by the crime commissioner for that area ?

Millions of public money has been wasted on a defence which was discredited, however it is difficult once you have given a budget to say to someone - "you cant run that defence"
as that is obviously unfair.

thre are mechanisms for barristers to say - "this is so stupid I am not pleading it" - but I dont think it was in that category.
they are after all going to get to paid ....
Question Author
It was a feeding frenzy by the lawyers, thats for sure.

But what bothers me about the Hillsborough case is that these lawyers were being paid huge sums to tell lies in Court and to protect some people that had already admitted their guilt.

Same on them all !
to be honest Mikey I dont think you have gone thro all 500 days of oral testimony

if they had admitted guilt - [werent they in fact acquitted ?] - this would have been brought to the courts attention as a (incontrovertible fact) 'fact'

( in an employment tribunal as a non lawyer i was told " dont go on with this it wont get you anywhere." )

I had thought that Teresa May had noticed the waste of funds in pleading the police case - but what does that mean in the end ? Uusally with an inconsistent or stupid defence ( or claim ) you rub your hands and think - " this is gonna be like mugging a kitten..."
You cannot expect the police to not defend themselves. So there will be a cost for doing so for such a lengthy inquest.

The solicitors accuse the Chief Constable of lengthening procedings, but I do not buy that.

It is a waste of public money, but unfortunately there is a cost to having justice seen to be done.
Question Author
Gromit....I most certainly can blame the SYP for defending themselves, when they lied at the first Inquest, and continued to lie for most of the second Inquest.

In addition to lying, they obfuscated and did their best to delay the proceedings for 27 years

Justice could easily have been done, and done considerably cheaper, if the SYP Police had been honest and above board right from the start, something which they quite clearly failed to do.
I concur, but SYP were never going to admit guilt.
It had to be dragged out of them.

SYP are about to disappear under reorganisation of Yorkshire Police. So perhaps they have dug their own grave.
Question Author
If a more shovels are required, I am quite prepared to lend a hand.

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South Yorkshire Police Spend £2.1M On Chief's Hillsborough Costs

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