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Indian Woman, 72, Gives Birth Through Ivf

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naomi24 | 18:37 Wed 11th May 2016 | News
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Astonishing! I wonder how long it will be before the child is an orphan?


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Kaur blimey!
Indeed. The thoughts were for self not the infant.
I'm surprised they qualified for treatment.
Now the deed's been done one can only hope for the best.
Not long, probably. But it doesn`t matter because God will take care of it..
You should never be surprised by anything that happens in India.
Ivf or not, 72 years old, I'd be sceptical of her a real age.
great they are really low on population in India!
When I heard about this on the radio when I was driving home from work this morning, I was quite surprised that it took place in India. You tend to hear about this sort of thing taking place in Europe. The couple appear to think that they are cursed by God if they don`t have kids. I quite often work with Indian based staff and they tend to look down their nose at people "from the country" as this couple are. I presume country people are more superstitious. I`m surprised they managed to find medics who would help them in their quest.
Words fail me.
Goodness, gracious me !
Will they get a naany?
Just why??
Well, where would you put you money on a loving successful relationship and future, the result of a farmer and his wife following two years of infertility treatment OR the child as a result of a teenaged pregnancy with a question hanging over the rightful father?

My money would go on being the son of a loving mother and father, with an obvious parental interest in my future.

A generalisation of course, but you get my point.
God will take care of the baby when they kick the bucket. Oh well, that's ok then.
.."on a loving and successful relationship and future" There`s not going to be a future though is there? Being that the parents are in their 70`s. I know Indians have huge supportive families but I kind of got the impression that the parents had the kid to satisfy their own ends rather than that of the child.
The father said,

'' he was unconcerned about their age, saying God would watch over their child whom they named Armaan.''

Of course he will, just like he does for the thousands of street kids.

And I watched a terrible documentary re Indian boys being used by very bad men. Some of the kids were only 5. Heartbreaking.
A misuse of medical technology, I think. I accept that they wanted a child and that there will be family to help - but there are too many babies who need a family. They should have been told to adopt years ago.
I believe they did adopt years ago and the boy went to study in the US and never returned.

It doesn't make good reading does it?
I wonder if she gave birth naturally ......

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