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Why Would You Want To Inflence A Country That You Have Forsaken?

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ToraToraTora | 15:00 Thu 28th Apr 2016 | News
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Credit where it's due the High Court got this one right. The limit is 15 years abroad but really I'd say 1 year. If you choose to *** off to some foreign place because it suits you why would you want a say in how your home nation is run?


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Hardly forsaken. They are still Britons aren't they ? And they may wish to return if the referendum goes they way they wish. In fact it could be the case that their decision to live elsewhere is down to Heath making the wrong decision earlier. I think if you still have nationality there is little case to put up a bar to voting.
I wouldn't say forsaken either. Many people retire to warmer climates for health reasons.
I imagine, given the opportunity to vote, anyone who lives in another European country would be a little biased. Regardless of the impact that our membership of Europe has on this country, it would probably be in their own best interests to vote 'in'.
Good point. They might have a decision to make as to whether to do what is best for their country or what benefits themselves. A bit like politicians and merchants really. Difficult to strike a fair balance then.
Of course it would change things for a lot of people, as it says in the article they would become 'resident aliens' if we left the Union and many areas of life would be different for them.
a surprising day

the couple brought their case under what 3T ooman rites legislation
and erm the treaty of Rome and all the other wing-dings ( things in rhyming slang silly )

and 3T has NOT had a frothy mouthed hissing fit !
^^ what 3T calls ooman ,,,,

"But the pair argued the in-out vote on EU membership directly affected them and called for a judicial review."

Their brief, Aidan O'Neill QC, told the court a victory for the "Leave" campaign could lead to Mr Shindler and Ms MacLennan becoming "resident aliens" in Europe. They would no longer be EU citizens and their right to live, work, own property, and receive health care free at the point of use, could be placed in jeopardy, he said.

Is he seriously suggesting that, as "aliens" after June 23rd, assuming a "Leave" vote, that they will be interned or deported (rather like all the EU "aliens" living in the UK will be)? What utter drivel.

Of course 15 years is "arbitrary". Any time limit other than none at all will be seen as such. In my view it is far too long but that's another argument. The simple answer for Mr Schindler and Ms MacLennan is to return to the UK before they are locked up on 24th June.
No, he didn't suggest that in the article at all.

\\\ If you choose to *** off to \\\\

I can't think of that 3 lettered rude word..........
Question Author
it's what the yanks call turf.
YEs he did suggest it, read it again without the rose tinted spectacles.
"eff" sqad
TTT , one year is far too short a time. in the past
I have lived abroad for 8 years,due to work.
While we are on the subject what about those who like me are full British citizens but have opted to work abroad for a few years ( out side the EU) I assume they have no vote?

Read it again - still no suggestion of internment or deportation.

Going to use a quip, find me a new one.
The article says they would become "resident aliens", but I do not see where it describes what this would entail. I believe internment and/or deportation is speculation.

I can see their point, given the Gibraltarian right to vote; but I can't see how they would make a case under freedom of movement. They are still free to move, but it has consequences over time. Mind you the decisions made in a court of law can sometimes be baffling.
I am with TTT here. If these people have emigrated, why should they be able to vote in the Referendum ?
mikey I am surprised at you, surely you know we are all one big happy family within the EU ! , you can't 'emigrate' within the EU, that would be like 'emigrating' from Wales to Scotland. To me 'emigrating' is going to live on another continent Oz for instance! Though they are getting a lot more 'picky', where once you needed a criminal record to get in, now they won't let you in unless you do NOT have one! !

But I am sure that not all those Brits living on the Costas are retired bank robbers !
How many Union leaders living on their excesses down there....all is fair in offshore love and war?

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Why Would You Want To Inflence A Country That You Have Forsaken?

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