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So Will We Now Get A Spate Of Gays Winding Up Shopkeepers Now?

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ToraToraTora | 13:27 Wed 06th Apr 2016 | News
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Silly thing to do in my opinion.


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// Silly thing to do in my opinion.//

silly thing to say in my opinion .....
Bit of common sense, at last. Let's hope it catches on.
I notice the chuckle brothers are getting big again.
Is 'shopkeeper' an euphemism for another variety of sexual deviation?
-- answer removed --
^Weasel words. (stop someone else saying it)
it is important that we don't discriminate against those that want to discriminate.
You otter be arrested for that.
Well for once the other side is being heard, and why not.

Should please the Muslim groups too.
Mississippi has now enacted a law that makes bigotry legal, and I am not amazed at all. Not one little bit.

America....the Land of the to discriminate.
What's wrong with beaver?^^
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can someone translate PP, I don't speak plonker. Is he saying that my criticism of this law is silly and as such he supports this?

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So Will We Now Get A Spate Of Gays Winding Up Shopkeepers Now?

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