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Trump Trumped And Clinton Clobbered

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jim360 | 08:54 Wed 06th Apr 2016 | News
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Latest round of voting for the presidential nominations yesterday, and lefty muesli-eaters around the world swallowed their peace porridge more easily yesterday (or not, as actually Cruz is probably even more outrageous policy-wise than Trump...), as Cruz scored a resounding win in Wisconsin. Looking likely that the Republican Party will continue tearing itself apart for the next few months, and a contested nomination in June.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders continues to irritate heir presumptive Clinton, with another strong win that probably won't end up making much of a difference but that exposes her weakness -- reliance on pragmatic, rather than passionate, support -- rather starkly.

Is Trump's campaign derailing? Is it just a minor stumble? Can I think of yet another cliche to fit into this post?



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for a bit of levity here's a quiz - Trump or carrot?
12:04 Wed 06th Apr 2016
No, that's quite enough, ta.
Hilarity as Clinton loses.
Jim...Hilary can't really lose at this stage in the proceedings, but Trump can, and will ( lets hope ! )
No Hilarity for Clinton supporters.
Finger licking result for Bernie?
And he should do well in Kentucky

Mr Trump standing up for his campaign manager when he is charged with assaulting a female journalist[i


That one passed me by.

The worst possible outcome for Trump at the moment is a contested convention, because he doesn't have the support amongst party leaders as he does amongst republican voters.

Sidebar...isn't it amazing that party members can't simply vote on the same day and get a new leader elected.

I mean...this is taking [i]ages].
Gawd, are we to get this uninformed analysis on every round of the US Primaries?

The different states cary in political leaning. Some are more conservative than others, and some are more liberal. So the voting patterns are different.

If we had Primaries in the UK, then the one in Knightsbridge would give a different result from one in Liverpool.

To try and extrapolate that one candidate is doing better or worse by comparing two back to back Primaries is pointless. It tells us nothing.
Yes, sp, that's exactly what happened, 'she passed by' his campaign manager. Suggest you watch the videos before talking about assaults .
Question Author
Well gee, thank you Gromit. I've been following the election closer than many, I think, so I I hope I'm not flattering myself when I say that I'm far from "uninformed" on this one...
// Is Trump's campaign derailing? Is it just a minor stumble? Can I think of yet another cliche to fit into this post? //

Is Trump's campaign crumbling ?

are the wheels coming off his campaign wagon or the hair piece off his head

is this a major headache for Trump and his adherents ?
Apologies Jim, I was a bit grumpy there :-)

yes I thought you'd enjoy your Tibetan, sunflower peace porridge today! you really want to see Trump as the next President ?
jim; Without telling us what you think is wrong with Trump, could you please say which other Republican candidate you think would be better and why.
Question Author
From my perspective on the Republican Party at the moment that's roughly equivalent to asking me which is my favourite despotic communist country. If I had a choice at all, I'd probably have gone for Rubio, although he's pulled out of course. On the other side, I've made known my frustration at the fact that Clinton is going to be the Democrat candidate, and I can't say I like her very much either. Trump stands out as particularly bad because he has just completely the wrong personality -- he alienates, and doesn't bring people together, and is completely the opposite sort of person I'd want to see becoming president.
Mikey: " you really want to see Trump as the next President ? " - No but I'd rather have him than Hilary.
What I find odd is how all the 'News' feel Trumps campaign is running out of steam because he lost one State, the same state that clinton lost. I also find it odd how the left on here are triumphant Trump has been beaten by a far right nutter.

The current choice in the US is
A far right nutter
A loose cannon
A criminal
A communist.

What a choice !
Question Author
I would agree that the choice on offer is hardly brilliant, ymb. All the same, Trump's got the right-wing establishment against him already, so if he loses enough support to cross the "sorry, you're stuck we me" line, then he *is* slipping and it *is* worth drawing attention to.

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Trump Trumped And Clinton Clobbered

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