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As it's 80% owned by hedge funds now I'm not sure it's accurate to call it the lefty bank. But it does make you wonder what level of performance would be needed for the boss to be relieved of his responsibilities. Unfortunately organisations are desperate to get what they think is the best person and will offer terms that are extremely generous to be sure of getting their services. In my experience these senior managers talk the talk but can't deliver the goods- but, like unsuccessful football managers, they always seem to be able to find someone else who will offer big bucks
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It's more the lefty Bank due to the custom it tries to attract rather than the owners.

He as at HSBC for 30 years, so the Co-op must have liked his CV which included money laundering, working for terrorists and looking after Gadafi's Billions.

Lefty bank is a bit of an oxymoron.
I've always found them to be a helpful bank. Not sure whether I'm a lefty

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