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Photoshop is very clever isn't it - regarding the bigger picture I'll have a think and maybe reply tomorrow.

Needs careful thought.
‘Racist Or A Show Of Solidarity?’ A show of solidarity, but a stupid one. The team fails to recognise that the attackers aren’t attacking these people because of their colour - black footballers abound - but because of the culture of the current influx of refugees.

What does that have to do with the footballers in question?

What behaviours have they shown which could justify the attacks?
SP, The attacks aren't justified, but the men are Sudanese refugees. They haven't been attacked for their colour, but for their status.
While you may be correct, Naomi, wouldn't that depend on what was actually said to them? I don't think it's been made clear one way or another in the article.
But that isn't supported by anything in the report.

How would the attackers know they were Sudanese refugees for a start?

All we know is that they were attacked physically and were racially abused.

So unless they were recognised there is nothing to support the idea that they were attacked because of their refugee status.

That would mean they were attacked because of their race.
SP, //How would the attackers know they were Sudanese refugees for a start? //

Why wouldn't they know? It's not unusual for a player's personal details to be known to 'fans'. I don't believe people are as 'colour' conscious these days as they once were. We have to look beyond that.
Racist Or A Show Of Solidarity?

As they have done it as a show solidarity how can it be racist?
It could though be argued that it was a misguided gesture.
I you do realise this is an April fools joke, don't you?
If it is, it's a tasteless one.

Again, your are reaching conclusions that are not supported by the story.

How do you know they were beaten up by football fans?

You don't.

All the report states is that they were beaten up. It doesn't say they were attacked by fans of the club, or that they were known to the attackers.

And lastly, you are correct in saying that most people aren't racist, but it's a fairly good bet that people who beat up other people whilst shouting racist abuse probably are racist.

It's not an April Fools joke. It's been reported in a number of outlets, and the picture is on the team's Facebook page
SP, I didn’t say they were beaten up by football fans. I said that it wouldn’t be unusual for ‘fans’ to be aware of their personal details – and if ‘fans’ are aware, then there’s no reason anyone else shouldn’t be aware. But have it your way. Cling to ‘colour’. I’m going away shortly so I’ll leave you to it.

What makes you think that the were known to their attackers?

You're assuming something you could not possibly know.
SP, I didn't say they were known to their attackers. I said that since it's not unusual for footballers' personal details to be in the public domain, there's no reason their attackers wouldn't have known they were refugees from Sudan. Given the climate with the refugee situation at the moment it seems more than a coincidence to me that out of all the black footballers these two were specifically targeted at this particular time. Got to go. Bye.

What on earth are you taking about?

You are not making any sense.

It is entirely possible that the attackers didn't know who these two were, isn't it?

Just because someone is a footballer, and may have a public profile, doesn't mean that everyone has heard of them, does it?

As there is nothing in the report to suggest that they were targeted because the are Sudanese refugees, we cannot assume motive.

You wrote:

there's no reason their attackers wouldn't have known they were refugees from Sudan

Yes there *is* a reason why they might not have known who this fella is. In the same way that if the entire Newcastle team walked into a pub, I wouldn't be able to name any of them.
Oooh! Difficult one, 'Disrespectful racists support black men'.

Question Author

I have read your 10:30 Sat 02nd Apr 2016, and you have the nerve to ask Naomi, "What on earth are you taking about"?
Question Author

Obviously some thought it racist.

/// Many still argue blackfacing to be harmless fun, as highlighted by NHL player Paul Bissonnette in 2011 when he posted a photo on Twitter of his Phoenix Coyotes teammate Raffi Torres dressed up in blackface as Jay Z on Halloween. ///

/// The players and the club all denied racist intent, although the picture was subsequently removed. ///

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