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In or Out?

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AB Editor | 17:56 Mon 15th Feb 2016 | News
136 Answers

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Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

  • Leave the European Union - 124 votes
  • 75%
  • Remain a member of the European Union - 42 votes
  • 25%

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...but we still have the ghost of Dame Edith Evans :-)
//Is the soubriquet 'The Git' really necessary? //
Copied from another thread Jack.

//Nice one, AP. I hope His Gitship gets to read it.//

Pot or kettle? ;-)
Mere banter. AP and I are old friends. A handbag??????
I have a nice selection thanks Jack ;-)
And can use them at the required paces.
It's an in-joke.
..oh, go on then :-)
Out. We should not allow MEPs from other countries who are not elected by us to rule over us. We need to be able to have control over laws that affect us, and to protect our sovereignty.
After his humiliation in Brussels how can David Cameron support staying in?
Brass neck? (AKA total self-absorbtion and delusion.)
-- answer removed --
Out, can we be British, only British, again please?

I see the SNP have started bleating about a second referendum already - why break away from the UK to sink your wealth into an even bigger gravy train inhabited by an even greddier bunch of political shysters??
Thank you Jordyboy, did enjoy that.
I hope no one still thinks the BBC is biased towards staying in after we had Kate Hoey reviewing the papers on Andrew Marr.
And on the other hand there's a Daily Mail poll showing a massive majority for staying in...
And according to Dibcan Snith we're all going to be blown up by ISIS if we stay in
Only four more months of this to go ...
Answerprancer ///So what am I being silly about? The fact that Britain isn't the great sovereign state it once was when it was raping and pillaging other nations all over the globe? Our industries have been depleted to death by bigger and more successful economies all over Europe. We are just a rather pompous and politically constipated island these days and the only "sovereignty" we have is sad prats waggling their union "flags", ranting Daily Mail worshippers pratting on about immigrants and roadside greasy spoons flying their insidious St George flags in defiance to the passing muslim "insurgents". Weeping flag-wagglers desperately hanging on to the "pound" and QE2's head on our stamps///

Silly boy.
You'll need to elaborate on that to substantiate that response, Svejk.
...if you can.

121 to 136 of 136rss feed

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