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Tyson Fury - "i Won't Be Allowed To Win Bbc Sports Personality Of The Year

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sp1814 | 15:46 Tue 01st Dec 2015 | News
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Tyson Fury has said that he won't be allowed to win this year's competition because he has some controversial social views.

Do you think he's right?

Or do you think that being one of the few sports stars who actually has a personality (whether you agree with his views or not) he stands a fighting chance?

(No pun intended)


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Question Author
Oh, I forgot to add my view...

Give it to Ennis.

Anyone who can have a baby and get a six pack back in a matter of weeks deserves every award going.
I don't think his views would debar him from winning,but I think he would come second best to Andy Murray.

/// Oh, I forgot to add my view... ///

/// Give it to Ennis. ///

Shouldn't she learn how to fly the Union Flag the right way up first?
Tyson Fury says he wouldn't be allowed to win Sports Personality of the Year...
yes he's is correct but he won't win anyway
I have always thought that the term 'sports personality' was something of an oxymoron.

But yes, I think that Mr Fury's personality will bar him from the top slot, just in case he says something to frighten the horses.

A nice 'safe pair of hands' as those political types say, will be the best thing all round.

That's not to say I don't think he should win - rather that the contest is largely pointless anyway.

It offers up the dubious task of reconciling the fact that someone who is utterly brilliant at their chosen sport has - away from their arena - the personality and interaction skills of a spoiled eight-year-old.

Best knock it on the head - the days of 'play up and play the game ...' are long gone.
what andy-hughes said.
Question Author

In fairness to Jessica, I suspect that the majority of people don't know which way up the flag should be. It's a product of having a relatively complex design (not something the good people of Japan ever have to worry about).

Indeed, I believe you yourself were caught out on a previous avatar!
I remember the year Tiger Tim won it, he'd never won a major but he got it over Carl Foggarty 3 times world superbike champ. Only certain sports are allowed to win. PTP Taylor? gawd knows how many word titles he has now, 2nd is the best he can do.
Tora - if that is Tim Henman, it rather bolsters my argument, and if Andy Murray wins, my argument will be cast in gold!!!
Question Author

I suspect (proof to be provided by someone more knowledgeable) that the awards are biased towards sports that have a higher public profile. So someone who kills it in a 'minor' sport will be at a disadvantage to someone who merely does very well in a high profile sport - one that has a bigger, F1, football etc.
Sounds reasonable to me sp - you are more likely to gather an audience of licence-payers to watch something that they have seen (ideally on the BBC!) rather than wheeling out Mrs Miggins who remains undefeated at competitive coaster-knitting for the forty-fifth consecutive year.
As far as I am aware the result is decided by public vote so how can 'only certain sports' be allowed to win or am I being naive. It could possibly be renamed Sporting Achievement of the Year.

/// Indeed, I believe you yourself were caught out on a previous avatar! ///

The different being I was unable to alter the incorrect image that I chose.
Am I right here in believing that the BBC Sports Personality of the Year is voted in by the public ?

Surely if he is on a list of candidates, then he has the same chance as all the rest ?
Question Author

Actually, she had the title taken away from her last year.

Doping scandal.
Question Author

Indeed, that's how I saw it. I think that Mr Fury is suggesting that there would be some underhand vote rigging to ensure he wasn't crowned the winner.
...only as the others on the list though, mikey. I'm voting for Mrs.Miggins. I suspect she does at least have a personality.

Ignored - as usual
-- answer removed --

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Tyson Fury - "i Won't Be Allowed To Win Bbc Sports Personality Of The Year

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