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Tyson Fury - "i Won't Be Allowed To Win Bbc Sports Personality Of The Year

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sp1814 | 15:46 Tue 01st Dec 2015 | News
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Tyson Fury has said that he won't be allowed to win this year's competition because he has some controversial social views.

Do you think he's right?

Or do you think that being one of the few sports stars who actually has a personality (whether you agree with his views or not) he stands a fighting chance?

(No pun intended)


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Tyson Fury, Sports Personality Of The Year?

Oh come on, he has not got a personalty, just a big mouth, and he is an embarrassment to the sport of boxing.
Probably more to do with the fact that him and his family are down and out thugs. The whole lot of 'em were menaces when they lived local to me.
I think you'll find, Andy, that Mrs Miggins won the olympic pie making gold.
"As far as I am aware the result is decided by public vote so how can 'only certain sports' be allowed to win or am I being naive. It could possibly be renamed Sporting Achievement of the Year. " - yes margo that's why the big sports win. It's difficult really, if the BBC do it or the public the results are the same. I also take on board the above where the fisherman won so I'm not convinced that the public vote isn't mucked about with either.
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//The prestigious award, last year won by Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton, will be decided by public vote, with the winner to be announced at a gala event in The SSE Arena, Belfast, on Sunday, 20 December.//

So if it's a public vote and the public vote for him - will the BBC 'fix' it ?
So... is he on the short list, or has it not been published yet ?
Thank you TTT. The voting process is overseen by an independent adjudicator so one would hope that it is fair, but who knows.
Yes it has Mikey, click on sp1814's link above
I'm sure it's fair margo, it just means that only a few sports can possibly win.
"A few years ago a fisherman got enough votes to win (Bob Nudd, umpteen times world coarse fishing champion). BBC refused to accept it.”

Divebuddy, do you know this for a fact?
In the year we won back The Ashes no cricketer is nominated, oh yes that's right, BBC Television doesn't broadcast cricket anymore, does it. Joe Root or Stuart Broad would be my favorites.
I haven't been following this story, but I saw him on TV say he was being condemned for quoting a passage from the bible, is that true?
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no proof there either....
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Fishing a sport?? Anglers just sit on a bank for hours in all weathers waiting for a hapless fish to bite - where's the sport in that ?!
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Its my understanding that the Beeb don’t EVER release the number of votes made (like strictly) so how do they know? They may believe that he received a certain number of votes but how do they KNOW?

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Tyson Fury - "i Won't Be Allowed To Win Bbc Sports Personality Of The Year

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