Clarkson, Hammond & May Ride Again

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Stephen_G | 19:58 Thu 30th Jul 2015 | News
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together..... on Amazon Prime (Before I get jumped on, I've had a good look around and not seen another thread on this subject)

The first shows will stream in 2016, according to the link. JC's best bud Andy Wilman will produce, but where will they call home? Will they have to invent a new track? Will they even have a Studio to call home?


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I'm glad their going to do something together again, don't know what they will call home though.

I like James May's comment on this link.
Clarkson and Amazon team
That has spoilt one particular ABers evening.
The BBC seems to have simply copied a press release from Amazon:;ID=2072657

It's been 'known' (= 'widely rumoured') for ages that Amazon Prime and Netflix were competing to sign the trio for a new show, so it's hardly surprising news that their agents have agreed a deal with one of those companies.

Top Gear never had a proper 'studio' anyway. They simply used a hangar at Dunsfold Park, fitted out with lights, cameras, props and production equipment. Whichever production company Amazon Prime uses will be free to find a new location or, probably far simpler (given that there's already planning permission in place for the test track), to simply negotiate a new contract to continue filming at Dunsfold Park.
Chris, I wonder if Top Gear ( with the new presenters ) will also want to use Dunsfold.
Possibly, Tony, but the hangar has already been stripped of all the BBC's production equipment:
Thanks for that, Chris.
I didn't know the the hanger had been stripped.
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have signed a deal with Amazon.

Packing parcels is better than no job!
theyll be delivering them also .... a reasonably priced car !
I wonder if they'll use the same stuntmen to do the real driving.
Who cares Canary, so long as they wind up people like you then I'll be happy.
does anyone actually watch amazon prime?
My OH does.
I don't and won't use Amazon for anything, but I will confess to never having heard of Amazon Prime.

What a come-down this must for the three of them...kicked out of the best and best-known broadcasting organisation on the planet, and now having to appear on a minor satellite TV channel, that few have heard of.
The latest series of Ripper St was only available on Amazon Prime...until tonight, when it runs on given time, Bottom Gear should eventually appear an a popular channel.
Exactly! Once the series has aired on Amazon Prime it will be flogged to every channel in the world willing to buy it.
I wonder if this new Amazon Prime series will get in the way of Hammonds more serious journalistic work, like Crufts ?
That's not too bad for a period drama but for a programme which has a fair amount of current information (which i assume the prog will have), a delay in a few months lessens it's popularity.

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Clarkson, Hammond & May Ride Again

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