Bilateral Hand Transplant 8 Years Old Zion

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in a mo | 16:28 Thu 30th Jul 2015 | News
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I watched with amazement last evening a news story regarding Zion an 8 year old lad from Baltimore in The USA had a double hand transplant this was due to an infection he had when he was born,this is a remarkable story,he already had Lung transplant,this gave the surgeons hope that the lads body would not reject the drugs ,I believe there is a program on Television this evening concerning a person here in the UK having the same operation .
I think a massive congratulations should go to the Surgeons, Nurses and all the theatre staff involved in all such operations ,their work gives hope and a better future to so many.


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Truly remarkable and very brave and generous parents of the donor child too.
A lovely story...In a mo.....

One thing that did puzzle me was the departure from the usual anonymity of the donor and the recipient.
MrG wasn't allowed to know the name of his kidney donor.....we wrote a letter of thanks to her family via the hospital.

If the parents of the child are given the information about what is usually happens... they will be aware of the recipient through this publicity.

I know this will have been dealt with properly before the transplant but it makes the decision of the donor's parents even more courageous.....x

Amazing - gives so much hope for the future.
great,hope all goes well for him

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Bilateral Hand Transplant 8 Years Old Zion

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