Is 'swarm' Dehumanising As A Collective Term Or Calais Immigrants?

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DTCwordfan | 13:12 Thu 30th Jul 2015 | News
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Aren't the Lib Dems a tad sensitive?


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3. An aggregation of persons or animals, especially when in turmoil or moving in mass: A swarm of friends congratulated him.
I suppose they are upset because the same term could not properly be applied to the number of people that support them. :-)

Ignore the Main Story, pick on a word, not really in a position to do anything else are they, I suppose it's one way to get their sorry Party Name in the News.
I wonder if Plague would suit them better, it is after all more discriptive!
I could think of worse collective terms and probably more appropriate at that!!
Swarm is quite a mild word really.
Quite frankly....who cares what the Lib Dems think?
//quite frankly.... who cares what the lib dems think?//

the LGBTI lobby for one, it seems....
There were many on here who criticised the usage of the word 'Swarm' when it was used in connection with the swarm of Eastern Europeans who swarmed into this country.

/// Quite frankly....who cares what the Lib Dems
think? ///

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"

(Clarke Gable, Gone With The Wind)
Well done for remembering one of the most memorable lines in cinematic history. (?)
Not just the LibDems.

//Labour's Harriet Harman said "he should remember he is talking about people and not insects" and called the use of "divisive" language a "worrying turn".//

I swear the politically correct are becoming more and more stupid - if that's possible. I really hope he doesn't apologise.
A swarm of sad-sacks surreptitiously sneaking in to suck off the system. Obviously, I'm a fan of alliteration...And reality.
No, swarm is the correct term for this situation.
Harridan Harperson did not go on to offer a bed and a hot shower to anybody currently being a pain in Calais though did say she supported them from afar.

And upwind.
As Talbot says, a perfectly correct term to use for many people converging in one place.
Question Author
my view too.....
Swarm sounds ok to me
They behave like a swarm I believe the Jungle stinks of urine / excrement, swarm, I think that's a nice term.

^ bargepole


^ bargepole

Blasted formatting glitch!

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Is 'swarm' Dehumanising As A Collective Term Or Calais Immigrants?

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