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sp1814 | 18:06 Wed 06th May 2015 | News
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Dear Ed,

Could we please have a 'General Election voting intentions' poll?

Would be quite interesting to see how closely (or not) our figures relate to actual numbers on Friday morning...


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an interesting idea sp, but you may have to be prepared for some responses along the lines of 'it's between me and the ballot box as to whom i vote for'
Need to be sharpish, polling stations open in 13 hours...
It's between me and the ballot box as to whom I vote for.
Question Author

We've had a previous poll (I think before the European elections) which was quite well received.

If I recall correctly, on AB, the Conservatives won by a landslide.

fair enough then - hopefully the ed will see your request
Only if he includes the Communist Party and Mebyon Kernow on the ballot.
We have had this before but I am not sure what purpose it can have.

AB is predominantly a right-wing place and doesn't reflect the neck and neck situation that the Polls have been in for ages, if debates on here are anything to go by !
Aye, I'm keeping my vote secret
Excelsior, polls on here are just as anonymous as in the ballot box. There is now need for an ABer to comment on their choice.

I agree it would be an interesting comparison to make.
LOL Steg !

And me !
Mikey, the debates on AB are largely held in the News section which is a rarefied place that many mere mortal ABers fear to tread.

A sad state of affairs in my book but tis the case IMHO.

I agree with Eccles, Mikey news is frequented by at a guess the same 30 people every day, there are 1000s of ABers (apparently) who we have no idea of their leanings.
I think it might be fun but Ed would need to get his skates on.
Eccles...the News section, like the Ritz Hotel, is open to everyone !

But its not the only place where controversial debates take place surely ?
Ed may have seen your request/suggestion more easily in his Blog topic.
The News section may be open to all, I seriously question if it is welcome to all.

However my point is that there are many ABers across the categories and they quite probably make up a wide cross section of society.
Would that be a poll on who will win, or a poll of who you voted for?

Probably different result.
Point taken Eccles ! But most of us over on the News Section are really quite nice you know...we rarely bite !
No, you just chew over the same fat, time and time again........
A lot of people won't decide until the pencil is in their hands.

A bit like me in a restaurant - I can't decide until the waiter looks at me and says "and for you, sir?"
// I'm keeping my vote secret //

so your avatar is a false flag, steg?

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