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brionon | 09:40 Sun 03rd May 2015 | News
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Will the Son have the guts to name the girl Diana ?


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I don't think he should do that - and I don't think he will.
I think it would be morbid if he did.
Nothing to do with 'having the guts'. I don't think it would be fair on the child. A middle name perhaps.
Why should a particular choice of name be called "guts" and, by implication, any other choice imply cowardice? Pretty bad way of looking at things.
Would you name your child after your mum?
Diana might be in the list of names she will be given

Sophie, Charlotte, Diana Mountbatten Windsor (or whatever the surname is)
That doesn't require guts and would be an awful decision. No need for it either, we don't remember Elizabeth 1 when we think of our Queen, we don't need anyone to remind us of Diana either, she'll always be remembered.
I wonder if that could raise a lot of controversy and I think William is too polite and nice to want to do that.
I fear that some of the "powers that be" in royal circles would rather Diana be sort of airbrushed out of any mention of her life. Sadly.
I think the Middletons will have a say in what to name her.


/// Would you name your child after your mum? ///

Why not there are plenty of sons named after their fathers.
That may be so whirley-hurly, although I think it's too much of a conspiracy really. But what does this have to do with the baby's name? It is -- we can safely assume -- primarily the choice of the parents.
There is too much sentiment surrounding Diana. I think the prince is aware enough to know it wouldn’t be a good choice for a first name. It wouldn’t be fair on the baby. Nothing to do with guts – just common sense.
Guts? How strange. I wouldn't give my child my mothers name if there was an enormous amount of negativity surrounding it.

The poor sod will be constantly compared.
I think you name a lovely little girl 'X' because you like the name

OK in this case XYZABC - and not because you have guts or not to be honest.

Yeah OK what about Camilla ? - showing the step mother had been rehabitilitated
it might be the other way round - naming the baby after his mother would take away from her uniqueness. At present whenever anyone talks about Diana, everyone knows who they mean. If there was another younger Diana, nobody would instantly think of his mother any more.

I have nothing in principle against naming children after their parents or grandparents; the Americans do it all the time. But I wouldn't have named my daughter after my mother because my mother's name was one of those old-fashioned ones that just don't sound nice any more (not Mildred, but something along those lines).
Ah but Jim, I believe the Queen has an important influence in the choice of names, ie she has to approve.
Naming the baby Britney or Candice would take guts. OH is named after his father. He doesn't hate his name but he doesn't like having the same name as his dad.

M snr...M jnr....gets tiresome.
>>>primarily the choice of the parents.

I think when you are that "high up" in the royal family then choice of name is NOT always down to the parents.

I am sure there are any number of names they CANT use, for all sorts of reasons (political, royal history etc)

I still think Elizabeth will be in their somewhere.

It is our Queens name, HER mothers name (the Queen mother), it is also the middle name of the Duchess of Cambridge AND her mother.

Calling her Diana would be an AWFUL choice.

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