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Who won?

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AB Editor | 10:11 Fri 27th Mar 2015 | News
32 Answers

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Who "won" out of David Cameron and Ed Miliband on last night's back-to-back interview?

  • Cameron - 25 votes
  • 45%
  • Everyone else! - 16 votes
  • 29%
  • Miliband - 15 votes
  • 27%

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Yes, another poll.

I have mixed feeling about Ed - did he display emotional honesty, or did he look like he was goaded into a position of weakness?

Cameron, he's the same as he's ever been. Mostly unimpressive.
Cameron still looked as transparent as a fish and Milliband looked like..... well.... a fish..... but out of water.
No winners for me.
Shouda had mr balls on the show after all to eds are better than one. Paxman won .
Lol weecalf :)

Ed looked like he was goaded into a position of weakness!
You beat me to it AB Editor, I was just about to enter a thread on this subject.

My feelings were that Cameron was given a much easier time than Miliband, Paxman and the female presenter Kay Burley were wrong to confront him with personal jibes, his Brother, his Mum, and reference to him being considered a North London geek that was completely out of order.

Having said all that, Miliband didn't seem as if he wanted to be tied down by the number of immigrants Labour would allow into the country, and the only two things he agreed with the Tories on were their approach on same sex marriages and the amount of over-seas aid.

Nice to get your priorities right Ed.
I didn't watch it, but the talk in the pub last night seemed to be a draw.

Labour and Conservative supporters believed their man had won, and the neutrals said neither of them had won.

Apparently Cameron didn't know (or wouldn't admit) how much his Government has borrowed. Those who watched, did he really not answer? I may have to view on catch up.
I won because I managed to miss it :-D
Re-the caption below this morning's Mac cartoon;

'Oh dear. Who to choose - the party that wrecked the economy or the one that got the country back on its feet again? What a dilemma!'
When the Coalition took office in mid 2010 the UK GDP growth rate was 1%.

And the figures for the last quarter were 0.5%.

It's an economic miracle!
^ he gave them both a good stuffing ( put's coat on and leaves)
A clear win for Cameron but I hate all this american cobblers. What I'd like to see is a stand up bar room proper barney, unscripted and no ref. Then you'd see the real people behind the masks.
TTT, there trying to get more people to vote, not less.
fewer ;-)
According the front page of the Sunday Times today, and the result of today's YouGov Poll, it was Miliband that won the day :::::

Have I stumbled upon the reason that dave didn't really want to take part in these TV debates after all ? What was that famous word, used many years ago.... frit ?
only the deluded thoughts of the besotted can give it to millipede mikey, look at the poll above eh? Nice that you are now quoting TGL herself though!
I didn't watch it myself, but this link say's that Cameron ( narrowly ) won the tv head to head.

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