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Hague - One Final Blunder

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Gromit | 10:31 Fri 27th Mar 2015 | News
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// Sour end to Parliament for Tories as 'plot' against Bercow is routed.
Humiliation for David Cameron as senior Tories rebel against bid to sink John Bercow. //

// David Cameron has been humiliated after a plot to oust the Speaker backfired amid fury from senior Conservatives.
Nearly two-dozen Tories voted against a “shabby plot” to undermine John Bercow by amending parliamentary rules to put his re-election to a secret ballot.
Mr Bercow had tears in his eyes as Charles Walker, the Conservative chairman of the Procedure Committee, attacked his colleagues for “playing him for a fool” by keeping him in the dark about an attempt to drive through reforms in the dying hours of the Parliament that he had proposed months ago.
The fiasco, which appears to fly in the face of the Tories’ election mantra of “competence versus chaos”, raises questions about the performance of Michael Gove, the Chief Whip.
It is the latest in a series of blunders, including the defection of two MPs and the fiasco over the European Arrest Warrant last year.
MPs said the move was a “grubby, squalid, nauseous” end to the career of Mr Hague, the outgoing Leader of the House, who yesterday celebrated his 54th birthday. //

Do you agree, it seems fitting that this Parliament should end on a humilating self inflicted defeat for Cameron?



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I don't think humiliation is ever a good outcome for our leaders, but in this instance, it was richly deserved.

I have always liked and admired William Hague, but he has put his name to this disgusting piece of chicanery, and it has tainted his final day in Parliament, and again, it is no more than he deserved.

Let's hope they all resolve to do better when they rec-convene.
Bercow has always seemed biased towards Labour, it makes one wonder if he will be even more biased now.

Interesting to note however that some ABers are always criticising such papers as the Telegraph as being right-wing papers, but it only goes to show that right-wing papers are not slow to criticise the Tory party, unlike the Guardian for example who think that Labour can do no harm.
Oh for the days of George Thomas, a fair and respected speaker.
Question Author
// unlike the Guardian for example who think that Labour can do no harm. //

Is that 'the Guardian' who supported the LibDems at the last election?
Grubby doesn't even come close to describing this daft attempt to hoodwink Parliament. But it failed, mainly because 23 Tory and 10 LibDem MP's voted against it. Its seems that democracy has won the day here.

Hague should be ashamed of himself.

No, I dont agree.

It's simple Parliamentary jousting. Won't be the last and no party is immune to it.

I agree with youngmafbog - Bercow and that dreadful wife of his come across terribly and demean the office, their excesses of expenses and publicity coming to the fore. In doing so, they are certainly not a patch on past holders including ones such Betty Boothroyd and George Thomas. The sooner he is outed, the better; it's a shame the Gove/Hague attack didn't sink him.
It was a pretty low thing to do whatever you feel about Bercow.

Misleading one of your own party, trying to sneak it through on the last day...pretty demeaning.

I rather liked what the Tory chap said about being able to look at himself in the mirror today and see an honourable fool .
DTC - // I agree with youngmafbog - Bercow and that dreadful wife of his come across terribly and demean the office, their excesses of expenses and publicity coming to the fore. //

I think the issue is less the reason for the attempting ousting of Mr Speaker, than the way in which it was done.
This small defeat will prepare him for the bigger one looming in the aftermath of the election.
The vote was really close so clearly a lot of people felt the same way so I don't see why it was shameful.
Do you approve of misleading one of your colleagues, then ?

As to the vote being close, the whips were out.
Question Author
The vote was close because it was timed to take place without the knowledge of Labour and LibDem MPs who were still in their constituencies. The Prime Minister zoomed back in an helicopter (not a good use of tax-payers money), to attend the vote.

And they still failed.
Well I didn't think I did but obviously I do.
Bercow's done a lot to reinforce the power of parliament as against the government, and that's a good thing. It increases the influence of the MPs we elect, as oppose to the ones the Queen selects to choose themselves a cabinet.

One of the great mysteries of last life to me: why do the Tories have it in for the Speaker to such a degree.
It does indeed seem a fittingly shambolic finale to a grubby and incompetent administration

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Hague - One Final Blunder

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