Unbelievable !! Censored, Now Out

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trt | 11:44 Thu 05th Feb 2015 | News
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This was pulled off AUSTRALIA’s Today Tonight and never aired !
This clip was made by Today Tonight, Channel 7 a while ago.
Due to political correctness it was decided not to broadcast.
However it's been leaked out.
Judge for yourself, and pass it on ... to EVERYBODY !
How despicable is this ??


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errr - what?
Which clip?

What clip?
Where's the link? Has it been censored here, too?
Question Author

has it been censored again?
I cannot find anything on this being censored. It looks like a live broadcast, possibly a repeat showing was banned after legal action.

But as I say, there does not seem to be anything on the net about this, unless I am not looking in the right place. If anyone has a link to the story it would be helpful.
I agree it is unbelievable. It is unbelievable that Australia, of all places ,is following the downward spiral of PC and pandering to this filth as does our government and media in the UK. These are, exactly, the type of people that should be exposed and dealt with.
Perhaps after Australia's recent problems with their Muslim convert in the chocolate shop siege they might be less reticent in showing these people for what they really are.
who is Dino Constantinou and why do you believe every word he says on FB?
no God I believe it !

Pre choccy shop - looks like Jihadist exercising his right of free speech along with his silly pals brawling outside court

Post choccy shop looks like dangerous terroristen with brawling frenz bringing mayhem to the streets of Oz

Judging by your opinion you might as well say who is Fred Bloggs on Answerbank and why should we believe a word he says on Answerbank. He provided a thread on FB with a comment. That is all. Just because you might not like seeing some unpalatable truths about the nature of the beast it doesn't necessarily have to be ignored just because you have never heard of Dan Constantinou.
It would be better if the link was to the original news website.

Seems like we aren't the only ones with similar issues.
retrocop, the issue isn't why Constantinou made this claim on FB but why trt made it here. What evidence is there that the clip was pulled, or that it was because of political correctness?

trt states it as fact. I wouldn't mind seeing some proof.
Fair enough. I see what you are, now, saying.
I have looked for proof and didn't find it.

Maybe the OP can justify the claim. He should send a link to something other than an unknown person on FB saying so.
Hmmm...this smells like Tuesday's fish fingers.
like (possibly) others on this site, I can't access stuff that's hidden behind a log-in. and I'm not about to join facebook.

anyone care to enlighten us what this is about? so far as I can judge, some random guy in Australia has alleged something that has no provable provenance - but as to the subject..... ???????
It was broadcast on 16th September 2008.

So it is an old story.

And the story that it was never broadcast is untrue. The fact that it is plastered with broadcast logos is a bit of a givenway.

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Unbelievable !! Censored, Now Out

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