Is Nick Clegg Delusional

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gordiescotland1 | 12:46 Mon 19th Jan 2015 | News
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Nick Clegg reckons that the lib dems will be in a coalition come May is he that delusional? The Lib Dems are a dead party walking?


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"Is Nick Clegg Delusional" ? YES.
No, I don't think so.

If there is no overall majority then the Lib Dems may be drawn into a coalition with the party with the most votes and Nick Clegg may well still lead the Lib Dems.
It's possible. UKIP may need to form an alliance to get in.
Sqad has it right here. The Libdems have a much better chance of having more elected MP's after May, than UKIP, and I fully expect Cleggie to be active in some kind of coalition. It would be very unwise to write the Party off at this stage.
There is good reason to expect that the Libdems will lose a lot of seats in May but it's unlikely to be a total wipe-out. In that case they may well still have a role to play in the next government, especially since we can expect UKIP to split the right-wing vote, and Labour to struggle in Scotland, leaving neither of the two main parties holding an overall majority.

But, even if the LibDems were facing total wipe-out, then what else is Nick Clegg supposed to say? Until the axe actually falls, he may as well carry on trying to sell the party as best he can, and explain their plans for what might follow the election.
OG...I hope you are not suggesting that Clegg would do a deal with Farage !
I find that concept somewhat bizarre.
I think that both the labour and the conservatives will do what they have to to gain control, including a coalition with whomever is necessary.
I think it's highly likely and not in the slightest delusional. Just proves what a total tart he is.
He has said that he will not form an alliance with Labour - so does that mean that we are in for another ' Conservative ' government ( given that Labour and the Conservatives will have the largest number of seats ) ?

Or will his pronouncement fall by the wayside ( if labour has the most seats ) in order to remain in government
Hmmm IMO politicians will deal with anyone to get in power. Just being pragmatic. And anyway I don't think UKIP will quite win an overall majority at the next one.
He probably is.

The LibDems have lost their deposit in the last 6 by elections. They are going to lose a lot of seats. The SNP will probably have twice as many MPs as the LibDems.

If the Labour and Conservative votes are close, Labour will coalition with the SNP to form a Government.
Nick Clegg has a majority of 15,000. But Sheffield has a very large student population, about 35,000, many of them in Clegg's constituency.
Labour are leading a drive to register as many students as possible, for voting, in Sheffield. Students are pretty cross with Clegg for renaging on his pledge on student loans. He may well not even be an MP after the election.
I don't remember Cleggie saying that he would go into a pact with the Tories, in the lead up to the 2010 Election either ! But I still can't see him getting into bed with UKIP, for two reasons.

One...The Liberals have nothing in common with a Party like UKIP...none whatsoever. They do, however, have much in common with Labour, as the modern LibDem Party is comprised of old-style Liberals, and disaffected Labour Party member, in the shape of the SDP...Shirley Williams, David Owen, Roy Jenkins, etc etc. If the LibDems could be said to have a "natural" coalition partner, it would appear to be Labour. Indeed, in the aftermath of the 2010 Election, it could have been a LibDem/Labour coalition Government, instead of what we eventually got. Gordon Brown may have been a significant factor in why it never materialised.

Two...For UKIP to be talking about being in a coalition with anybody would depend entirely on how many MPs they end up with on the morning of Friday the 8th of May. At present, they only have two MPs, both hi-jacked from the Tories, and I personally don't think that they will win many more seats this year.

All the Pollsters that I have seen rate their chances of getting more than a tiny few MPs as extremely unlikely. So any talk of a coalition for UKIP is just pie in the sky.

Here are some Polls on the subject of UKIP's chances ::
Clegg's constituency was once the only Tory seat in Sheffield. Wouldn't be surprised if they made a comeback.
students can be registered to vote at home and at uni. but can they vote at both locations or (for a general election) does that count as voting twice?
Indeed, in the aftermath of the 2010 Election, it could have been a LibDem/Labour coalition Government, instead of what we eventually got. Gordon Brown may have been a significant factor in why it never materialised.

Tripe. Do the maths!
How can you delusion a liar? he's made his bed, I think his day's are numbered.
yes, but he's not the only one, that is a necessary trait for being a Limp Dum.
The Lib Dems and Labour could have formed a coalition only with the help of a few other parties (in particular, the various nationalist parties). It's been suggested that the LibDems and Labour would have only come together if Gordon Brown resigned -- and even then this would probably not have been enough.

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