Was He Being Racist And Is It Racist.

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webbo3 | 13:26 Tue 02nd Dec 2014 | News
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This is the cartoon that was on Mario Balotelli's Instagram account, my personal opinion is its the opposite, hes telling people to like everyone regardless of where they are from, is it a fuss about nothing and are people being over sensitive. ?

he even calls himself super Mario



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"Jumps like a black man and grabs coins like a jew" very good
He said "grabs coins like a Jew" so I can't see how this isn't racist. Its just another jibe that is trying to press home the old slander about grasping Jews.

Why can't these thick footballers just stick to playing soccer, rather than keep getting themselves on the front page, as well as the back page ?
Racism is in the intent.
But given the wording it was bound to be taken so by many. He should have more sense.
No he certainly wasn't. He is very overrated as a footballer but I like him as s bloke.

Another whine from some over sensitive rabble-rousers
Saying the wrong thing is worse than rape and murder these days didn't you know?
My thoughts exactly,Talbot.
Well its not very polite.
He's not super Mario... he's a very naughty boy !... to paraphrase Life of Brian.
People think they can say what they like, do what they like and then afterwards say "oops, I'm sorry" and that all will be ok and hunky dory. "Oops, I didn't mean it. ". Then why say it? why tweet it? why do it? Just grow up !
he did not say anything, he is just jumping on a wider bandwagon, the be more like Mario is a recent MEME. He has not produced this image.

Theses days you say you're English you get arrested and thrown in jail.....don't you?
///"Jumps like a black man and grabs coins like a jew" very good///
he's a black man who loves his jewish foster mother ... he's not a racist but he's very short on common sense

I think even mikey might enjoy this
He seems to be going into reverse to avoid confrontation now. Typical Eyetie. ;-)
Twitter accounts should have a 10 minute delay before stupid stuff goes live so people can go back and delete it. Or can they delete it like FaceBook? Anyway it is racist and rude but so many things are these days but in differing degrees. If I was Jewish I would think his comment was rude, if I was black I would totally agree with him when he remarks about black men jumping and have a bit of a laugh
Intelligence/Common sense are not his strongest suits. This, the setting off of fireworks in his house ( ), the training ground fights and his car ( ).

In summary, 99p in the £.....

Here he is taking the time to be nice to a child.

He has paid to build a school in Sudan, I am sure most of us have done this as well.
No, I don't think it's racist.

No one bats an eye lid at the Englishman, Irishman, Scotsman, jokes...
I wish I could get super sensitive and understand why this sort of stuff offends people, the more it's branded as racist instead of being laughed off (it was funny) then the more racism is allowed to grow and infect.
I honestly think that Balotelli is too stupid to understand the concept of racism, or why people react they way they do to his infantile behaviour.

He reminds me a lot of Paul Gascoigne - while he possesses God-given talents as a footballer that will make millions for those around him, people will put up with the fact that away from the field, he is indulged and forgiven and feted like the immature man-child he is.

And again like Gascoigne, when those talents no longer work, he will join a real world for which he is not equipped, abandoned by his 'friends' and left to pickle in alcohol and drown in social inability to no longer having his life taken care of in every minute detail.

So in the mean time, while he plays football to an acceptable Premier League level, everyone should simply ignore is attention-seeking nonsense, and feel rather sorry for the fact that his time in the sun is limited, and the clock is ticking...

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