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henbreeder | 20:49 Mon 01st Dec 2014 | News
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Has anyone any idea why I can't register an account for the new scheme; every time I enter my registration number I get a message"vehicle of exempt class cannot be registered". Can't get through to the helpline because they are too busy. Any suggestions other than wait for a reply to my query by email?


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What type of vehicle are you registering? Some you don't have to pay for: also you might be typing your registration number in incorrectly. Make sure that everything is correct. Their site is very specific.
They use a copy of the DVLA database for car information, so they must have it registered as exempt in some way - mistakes have been known!

I'd suggest asking a question on Twitter to their @Dartcharge account or trying to phone 03003000120
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Thank you to those replies. I have typed it in correctly - have only had the vehicle 2 months so am wondering whether someone had it before who was exempt. We are certainly not. Will await further progress before I contact the DVLA. Many thanks.
was it previously a motability vehicle? If so you'll have to get it reclassified by DVLA. Or is it some other exempt vehicle? It would help if you told us what it actually is.
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Finally managed to get through to the Account line and apparently our vehicle is exempt because it is a 'low-emissions' vehicle. It's a VW Tiguan for those who asked. So that's a result! Thanks for all the answers
I had the same problem but eventually found a clicky box which enabled me to register my car on their system, sorry can't remember exactly how.

In saying this I made 2 crossings in April and I can't get them to take the payment from my account. They say their systems show my car as disabled and free from charge. I paid a full years tax when I bought the car at the beginning of December and DVLA have confirmed in writing my car is no longer shown as disabled on their system. Dart Charge systems must be well out of date.

At least I have plenty of emails to prove I tried to pay.

Try if you can't get through on the phone.

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