I Really Feel This Is Too Little Too Late Immigration Benefit Cut Time To 6 Months

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gordiescotland1 | 08:03 Tue 29th Jul 2014 | News
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I think this is too little too late for David Cameron what do others think


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But he is in charge now it is his responsibility
It should be five years. I don't know how Labour have the gall to criticise.
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No point in blaming one party or the other, lax immigration controls has been a problem for 20 years or more under all the political parties.

I remember seeing the news 15 years ago about illegal immigrants trying to run through the channel tunnel, and that was when the Tories were in power.

Our complete lack of border control has caused massive problems for this country which we will regret in the years to come.

We have cities that are now 50% immigrants, we have immigrant gangs pushing drugs (Jamaician, Somali, Chinese and others) we have criminals from Eastern Europe cloning credit cards, smuggling in sex workers, brewing illicit alcohol.

We have thousands of immigrants fiddling our benefit system, costing all of us millions of pounds a year.

We have areas of the country where 30% of drivers have not got any car insurance, and this is almost always areas of high Asian immigrants.

Just a few days ago one of my relatives bought a "power drink" from an Asian corner shop and he took one sip and it began to burn his throat. He was so alarmed he took it to trading standards who are currently testing it.

Sadly whenever you see one of these programs about "fake Britain" where shops are selling dodgy booze and other dodgy products it is always Asian shops. The owners of these shops will by anything if it is offered to them cheap, without a care in the world about the customers who may buy it and poison themselves.

We have given ourselves so many problems with lax immigration it is hard to know where to begin.
Yet again we see the 'Benefit tourism' argument put forward despite all the evidence showing that migrants are far more likely to be in work and not claiming benefits than the 'Natives'.
This is just politicians saying what the public want to hear to try to buy votes at the next election.
Anyone else see the contradiction, we get stories that all the jobs are going to immigrants and at the same time complaints that immigrants are getting 'out of work' benefit?
Read this link
Whoops pressed summit by mistake
More recent studies done this year show that the net gain from immigration is getting steadily higher as the controls start to take effect.
Eddie, whether immigrants benefit this country or not isn’t the question.
It has only being suggested now, by the crafty Con party, because of you know whats happening next may.
But Farrier, are they right or wrong?
VHG, a few less uninsured cars off the road now, only these were taxi's !
Cameron says Migrants should not expect something for nothing,now that is rich coming from an MP. has anyone checked their expense accounts lately.
But Farrier, are they right or wrong?
If migrants are far more likely to be in work and not claiming benefits than the 'Natives' then they are taking up job opportunities we should be insisting the existing natives take up to get off of benefits. It matters little how the country is being harmed and excess tax taken from us to pay for it.
He is right of course ,but it has taken him four and a half years to do it .YES C and J four and a half years he has been in Power and you are still trying to blame Labour for Camerons mistakes, Cameron is the PM , well at the moment at least.
Governments have to prioritise. In a 5 year period are you suggesting they do everything in the first year or two and then sit back for 3 years, farrier?
Well they have sat back for the last four and a half years,so now they are coming to the end of their rule, they have started to sit up and do something positive at last,
Farrier, yes, he’s right – of course he’s right – but why don’t you just be honest with yourself as well as with us? Nothing a Conservative government did would ever suit you.
Why don,t you be honest with YOURSELF Naomi, The Cons are coming to the end of their term in power , and this time they will not be able to Con the Libs to help them it will just be, BBC= Bye Bye Cameron.

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I Really Feel This Is Too Little Too Late Immigration Benefit Cut Time To 6 Months

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