Mrs Palin Is Back !

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mikey4444 | 09:18 Tue 29th Jul 2014 | News
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Thought we had the heard the last of this loony tune, but it seems that she is still here ::::

Lets hope her grasp on geography has improved a bit this time.


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So you can give Farage a break now then!
all countries should have comic politicians. The Italians get Beppo, Americans get Palin, and all we get is yet another public schoolboy, Farage. Where is the new Screaming Lord?
Farasge should launch his own TV Channel.

It could show endless re-runs of 'Love They Neighbour' and 'Mind Your Language'.
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LOL TTT !...Actually, Farage and his loony tunes have been quite well behaved recently, so its all been a bit quiet and, if I am honest, a tad boring.

But at least Farage doesn't have kids called Track, Willow, Bristol and Trig.
Question Author
LOL Gromit !

JNO...we do have Boris...not a Lord (yet) but much funnier than Sutch ever was.
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I have had another look at young Sarah...I have to admit she is very attractive !
anyone who gets the lefties spitting out their organic peace meusli can't be all bad!
spitting with laughter, TTT. She's not going to be president any time soon.
Just 'the average hockey mom'!!
I see criticism of Governor Palin often on here and I've never quite understood the basis for the bias. Such as Mikey's reference to geography failings... only thing I've ever seen referenced is her comment that she could see Russia from her home in Alaska... thing is, on a clear day one can see Russia from that part of Alaska.

She's married to a man who is the father of all their children; she's handy with a gun and helped her husband run a successful fishing business... no mean feat in the cold Alaskan waters.

Politically, she began when she found the school system in her home town of Wasila not being run efficiently and the kids (all kids) weren't getting the best education for the money being spent and joined the Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) and went on from that to be elected mayor of the city.
She was a well liked and efficient Governor and cleaned up a mess that her own political party had engendered "...she took on not only a sitting governor from her own party but also Alaska's Republican establishment -- vowing to clean up a political system that had been rocked by an Federal Bureau of Investigation corruption probe.

After handily winning, her popularity in Alaska soared as she went on to sack political appointees with close ties to industry lobbyists and shelved pork projects. Gov. Palin has shown similar fearlessness in going after Big Oil, whose money has long dominated the state."

I've seen her nearly destroy the opposing side in debates using facts but never personal attacks... which are always directed at her.

So, as a U.S. citizen, the best I can come up with is Mikey's dislike for the naming of her children?

Unique concept...
^and she's a babe. ;-)
////only thing I've ever seen referenced is her comment that she could see Russia from her home in Alaska////

You obviously missed her reference to helping America's Allies in North Korea.
Maybe she knows something you don't Canary...
Slip of the tongue which she immediately corrected! I'm aghast!

Our famously eloquent President travles nowhere without the ever present Tele-Prompter... just so he can try to cut down on the errors he makes (I've visited all 57 States..." comes to mind).
This is good news. About time we had a voice of well-learned and logic reasoning in US politics....
Not to mention the New Hampshire being in the Northwest bit...

I'm sure you're right Clanad in that all politicians make errors, but she seems to make more than most.
I was surprised at her lack of popularity among conservatives - she only polled 2% in a CPAC straw poll this year...
I do sympathase clanad because I also have some admiration for her. The trouble is you are up against the brutal British left and once they have put her on the "knuckle dragger" list that's it. Same thing happenned with GWB. She, like him has made some slip of the tongue type mistakes and they are always dragged up anything of substance is ignored because she holds some unfashionable views about, for example, abortion. In our own EU elections a few months ago another one they hate, Nigel Ferage, dished out a drubbing but that's now all been explained away by various right on trendy commentators as some sort of abberation. I don't know what she's done that makes her so bad but hey ho, face doesn't fit his side of the pond.
Palin on Paul Revere:

"He who warned, uh, the British that they weren't gonna be takin' away our arms, uh, by ringing those bells, and um, makin' sure as he's riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be sure and we were going to be free, and we were going to be armed."

Clanad, even I could do better than that! (I have just finished another trip to your wonderful country and am feeling more than usually pro-American; but I'm afraid I think Palin is a joke.)
Question Author
Clanad...she is completely potty, as all of my American friends will attest. As regards the naming of her kids, its about as daft as you can get...if she had any more, I'm sure she would have given serious consideration to Gate Post, Milk Bottle and Puddle. Anybody who is capable of giving her children such stupid names and landing them with a life-long need to explain, really shouldn't be trusted with the nuclear button.

And her being extremely right-wing has nothing to do with it....she is so potty that she is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. If they had won the last election and something had happened to the President, the Secret Service would have had instructions to shoot Palin.
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Clanad...I meant to ask earlier. I know you are American but how does "being handy with a gun" make her an ideal candidate for election ? Is there a particular quality involved in gun use that would make her a good President
( other than pleasing the NRA of course )

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Mrs Palin Is Back !

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